Assignment One, Week One

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Assignment One, week One

July 24, 2011
Lisa Acerbo

Assignment One, week One

When writing a research paper, there can be some challenges to overcome. My first thought is what challenge do I have and need to overcome in order to write a great paper. The first challenge is keeping the readers interest and attention. It is very important to keep your readers interested in your writings and it can be hard trying to read something that you are unable to keep your attention on. Keeping the information of my writings to the research and subject will help this challenge. Another challenge can be determining an appropriate style and tone for my paper. Being consistent with my ideas in my style and tone, will keep the paper flowing with information and the reader will be able to understand the point I am trying to make. The third challenge is being persuasive enough in my writings and research papers. Also, being able to put my thinking and research into words and get my point across, but also integrate enough material from my sources to keep the paper persuasive and catch the reader’s attention will provide the needed steps to a great research paper.

When writing my research papers, the strategies I want to utilize for my challenges are: finding an interesting subject to do my research on, and utilize as much information I can to write an interesting paper. By using as many resources I can, will insure that I have plenty of information to include in my paper. The next strategy is making sure I have the appropriate style and tone for my paper. I can do this by realizing and taking into consideration who my audience is. When choosing the subject for my writing, I have to build the paper around my readers and form my attitude towards the subject matter. The last strategy is making sure I have enough persuasion in my writings to get my opinion…...

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