Asylum Seeking Youth Should Be Released in the Community

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Would you not resent being locked up when you have not really committed an offence? Indeed, you would! Well, this is the plight of asylum seeking youth who are confined to detention centres.

The issue whether youngsters seeking asylum should be confined to a detention centre or be assimilated into the community has become so controversial that it has attracted much public opinion and media coverage. In this context, youngsters or youth means teenagers of 15 to 18 years and a detention centre is defined as a place where refugees or illegal immigrants are confined till their case is determined. My contention is that asylum seeking youth should be integrated into the community. Youngsters incarcerated in detention centres are denied their education, exposed to moral corruption and are subjected to a stunted psychological growth. My critics argue that these youngsters should not be released to the community because, if released, they would resort to unbecoming conduct. I will prove that this argument is not tenable.

When such children are incarcerated in a detention centre, they are denied the education that such youngsters deserve. Reporting about the Broadmeadows Detention Centre, the Herald Sun of 16 November 2010 comments: “seven boys were hospitalised after a brawl over the single computer”. Resorting to fisticuffs to grab the computer is their way of communicating their need for mental activity. This is their way of asserting that they need an educational curriculum to keep them mentally occupied. This is their way of expressing their pent up frustration in not having what they need. Are the authorities so naïve that they are unable to perceive this? Thus, being denied educational opportunities, these youth cry out for their release to the wider community.

Furthermore, asylum seeking youth in detention centre are strongly tempted to become morally…...

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