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In the article ‘The power of infographics’, Mark (2012) states that how well the infographics fits for the business communication by evaluating its benefits and potential problems. According to the article, the content is relevant to the report including visual communication and data visualization. Although Mark (2012) takes up larger part to explain the advantage of infographics, its relevance is limited to describe the harmful of infographics so that the structure is incomplete. Furthermore, the author adopts a large number of references to convince the supporting ideas. However, some of these references from websites are not academic resources.

On the basis of the author’s opinions, it is clear that the article is relevant to the assessment task including describing the effect of visual communication on business. Mark (2012) states that the advantage of using infographics can help audience to understand the business internal and spread the information further including consumers’ attention to different information will be enable to divide them by accessing useful visual data. Meanwhile, audience can share digitally views to others named sharebability which enhance business development. In another way, Mark (2012) divides the types of infographics into two parts called visual metaphors and cartoon. On basis of the content, cartoon has the ability of humor to attract people’s attention which makes the business information easily to be caught by audience as well as visual metaphors does. On the other hand, the advantages of infographics accounts for the larger part than disadvantages which doesn’t enhance the article structure strongly.

On the basis of the whole article, it is obviously that the author not only presents his opinions but also adopts other resources to support the evidence and develop his ideas. Mark (2012) illustrates one of types of infographics called cartoon above, which is convinced by the case of Kronos. For example, Kronos creates the opportunity to have connection with consumers in order to help customers to understand its company clearly by creating cartoon series to describe the management and internal organization instead of being presented as advertisements (Time well spent, p. 43). In general, the whole article is combined with convincing resources and author opinions to support what the assessment requires. What is worth mentioned is that some of these resources from websites are not academic which are not officially to be adopted as useful information for additional research.

Mark, S. 2012, ‘The power of infographics’, Computerworld, PP. 3-34.

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