Banana Republic General Manager Duties

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Banana Republic General Manager Duties

1. General Manager of Banana Republic Factory Store in Hershey, PA

“This position leads BRFS Stores. The store produces an annual volume ranging from $2-20 million. In a standard location the GM is responsible for attracting, hiring, training and developing all levels of associates. They lead an average of 4 exempt and non-exempt positions. The GM is responsible for implementing the individual store strategy in a manner consistent with Gap Inc.'s Purpose, Values and Behaviors. The GM leads their team to meet net contribution goals, sales goals, customer service targets, and Operating and Human Resources objectives through motivation, inspiration and accountability. The GM is accountable for professional representation of our brands within their locale, understanding our competitors and their operations as well as driving excellent tenant and community relationships.

Leadership and Employee Results (25%)
• Holds Store team and self accountable to all Gap Inc. standards of performance and behavior.
• Effectively sources, recruits, selects and on-boards all management and non-exempt store personnel.
• Maintains optimal staffing levels to ensure business needs are obtained while promoting associate retention.
• Promotes a high-quality store associate experience from on boarding through the associate life cycle.
• Promotes maximum team and individual performance through consistent coaching and feedback. Drives in-store performance management processes.
• Partners with District Manager to create individual development plans that support performance needs and career growth for self and direct reports.
• Recognizes and rewards behaviors that are in alignment and support Gap Inc. s Purpose, Values and Behaviors to promote a high-performance team.
• Recognizes escalated associate and customer situations and partners…...

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