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The marginalization of Cassio in Act 2 Michael Cassio, the loyal lieutenant for Othello suffers further marginalization by others in Venice. Cassio ends in the marginalized position due to his identity and his personality. Firstly, Cassio’s attractive appearance leads to his further marginalized status. Apparently, the author depicts Cassio as real charming man, as demonstrated by being good-looking man. He possesses all the qualities that make a man popular among women and make women appealed to him indeed. In order to provoke Othello’s jealousy toward Cassio, Iago uses Cassio’s good appearance and manners to aid in his plan, Iago says:“a knave very voluble; no further conscious able/ than in putting on the mere from of civil and humane seeming「…」is handsome, young, and hath all those/ requisites in him that folly and green minds look after”(Shakespeare 2-1 230-240). Therefore, Cassio’s attractive appearance makes him a likely target for Iago’s jealous plot. Secondly, Cassio’s vulnerable character makes become him marginalized. For instance, Iago entraps Cassio into a drunken fight when he offers Cassio wine while he is on duty. Cassio’s weakness spot is alcohol; he explains to Iago: “I have very poor and unhappy brains for drinking”(Shakespeare 2- 3 26). However, Cassio does not insist on resisting the offer of drink, which is exactly what Iago wanted in order to achieve his plan. That is eventually results in Cassio’s discharge. Therefore, Cassio’s appearance and his personalities becomes the key factor to causes his marginalized status.

Work Cited Shakespeare, William. Othello. Oxford University Press, 2009.…...

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