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School Year 2012 Semester 1

DCU-TUEBA Joint Undergraduate Program

|Class No. |Name of Instructor |Name of Course |Credit |Class Hour |Class Room |No. of |
| | | | | | |Students |

Daegu Cyber University
Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration


How to check attendance 1. Absent for one-period class = “/”, Absent for two-period class= “//”, Absent for three-period class= “///”, Must indicate all absent marks (/) in one checking box) 2. Leave blank in the checking box implies present.

Grade Evaluation 1. Norm-referenced grading system is normally used in grading system. However, Criterion-referenced system is also allowed for the class with number of students less than thirty or for special courses. 2. The highest grade is 100 percent and is composed of assignment, exams, attendance, discussion, etc. 3. A Student who fails to meet attendance grade of less than 75%, s/he will get the final grade of F. 4. Distribution percentage of the grades for norm-referenced grading system is indicated as below.

|Letter Grade |Percentage |Grade Point |Distribution Percentage |Suggested Distribution (%)|
| | | |(%) | |
|A+ |93-100 |4.3 |20~30 |20 |
|A0 |90-92 |4.0 | |…...

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