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awkward moment when activision realises their cow has run out of milk.
Oh yes, all the time. I now regularly go out with a paper bag over my head, and I scream "DON'T LOOK AT ME!!" at strangers all the time. Such a terrible life, it is.

Im a 21 year old girl, I joke around too people think that Im immature because of this.. I have so much more to me but no one can see that because im always joking or too excited in social situations. Im so scared everyone is taking me for a joke, I dont want to be perceived that way, Ive been called names like 'monkey,dopey,blonde ect..someone today said to me that they would trust someone else with tickets because im not as grown up as them or as self-conserved..people my age seem so in control of their actions and words whereas I usually speak and act on impulse. I joke so much probably because i'm insecure and scared of being boring...I really want to change..I know the internet is not the place to get advice but I want to know have any of you been through this and changed, do you have any tips for me? and how can I gain my self respect and dignity?

Ive been at uni for a few years now and every month that goes by I get more and more bored by the same old studenty lifestyle and conversations that go on around me. I find working people so much more interesting and down to earth on the whole, talking to students feels like a constant image war where you're being sized up and judged and the subject of conversation is usual so boring; alcohol, clubs, recalling past social events, more alcohol. I just cant pretend to be interested anymore

And because I cant pretend to be interested I think I am starting to come across as grumpy. I cant pretend to laugh hysterically at things that arent funny anymore, I cant pretend to jump and giggle with excitement when I see somebody I really dont find interesting, which is 99% of…...

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