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awkward moment when activision realises their cow has run out of milk.
Oh yes, all the time. I now regularly go out with a paper bag over my head, and I scream "DON'T LOOK AT ME!!" at strangers all the time. Such a terrible life, it is.

Im a 21 year old girl, I joke around too people think that Im immature because of this.. I have so much more to me but no one can see that because im always joking or too excited in social situations. Im so scared everyone is taking me for a joke, I dont want to be perceived that way, Ive been called names like 'monkey,dopey,blonde ect..someone today said to me that they would trust someone else with tickets because im not as grown up as them or as self-conserved..people my age seem so in control of their actions and words whereas I usually speak and act on impulse. I joke so much probably because i'm insecure and scared of being boring...I really want to change..I know the internet is not the place to get advice but I want to know have any of you been through this and changed, do you have any tips for me? and how can I gain my self respect and dignity?

Ive been at uni for a few years now and every month that goes by I get more and more bored by the same old studenty lifestyle and conversations that go on around me. I find working people so much more interesting and down to earth on the whole, talking to students feels like a constant image war where you're being sized up and judged and the subject of conversation is usual so boring; alcohol, clubs, recalling past social events, more alcohol. I just cant pretend to be interested anymore

And because I cant pretend to be interested I think I am starting to come across as grumpy. I cant pretend to laugh hysterically at things that arent funny anymore, I cant pretend to jump and giggle with excitement when I see somebody I really dont find interesting, which is 99% of people at uni. Things like house parties have become an impossible chore for me, sitting around pretend to be interested in the bland rubbish students talk about and forcing laughs at their terrible jokes.

I started Uni in September and I've met some cool people on my course. Most on my course are pretty down to earth and laid back, but a lot at the Uni as a whole I find annoying, for reasons such as...

- All they ever seem to talk about is drinking
- They tend to have crap taste in music, usually whatever's in the charts this week. Stuff like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and whoever did that Where The Girls At? song
- In addition to the music taste, they tend to frequent the most soulless, mainstream clubs/bars
- The guys dress from Topman, constantly bellow at each other, overuse the word "banter" and proclaim themselves to be "lads". They seem to be cardboard cutouts of each other,
- The girls dress like they think they're supermodels, wear way too much makeup and are always shrieking at each other. They seem to be cardboard cutouts of each other.
- A lot come across as shallow and swan about in their little cliques.
- The stupid buzzwords, catchphrases and in-jokes that they have.
- There's too much pushing in at the SU, they have no grasp of etiquette.

Now this isn't a slur on all University students, as I'm sure most on here aren't like that, but a lot of the ones at my Uni, who will probably be too busy having well mental banter with the lads whilst being mega hardcore by doing a couple of shots to bother posting on here anyway, but it's something that has annoyed me.
I understand that they're just kids having fun, who the novelty of being able to go out drinking hasn't worn off on yet, but when you're in a takeaway at 2AM feeling a bit tired and you have these idiots shouting their unfunny slogans at each other after a night of downing £1 shots to Katy Perry's music, whilst dressed as ninjas or pirates or something which makes them seem oh-so-wacky, I suppose it's easy to get wound up.

I go out of my way to spend time with non-students. It's not in your head brah, the majority of uni students are pleasant but ultimately bland and uninteresting. Out in the real world is where you meet the really interesting people, with characters built form experience and real stories to tell.

for a girl, she doesnt need confidence to have success with guys. a girl can be shy and lack confidence but as long as she is at least around other guys, she will always have success with them. if the girl is ugly, then makeup and clothes which show off her body will always work. if she is fat, some exercise will help her remain slim. thats all there is to it.

and that is for getting a boyfriend. if she wants sex, she can be fat and not great looking. she will still get the sex regardless. there will always be guys after her. in fact, some of the uglier girls i know are with above average looking boyfriends. it might just be the people i know however.

now for guys, this is an entirely different story. a guy needs confidence to get girls. no matter how good looking the guy is, he will never get any girls without confidence. for sex, he needs to be good looking and confident. i see the best looking, confident guys getting sex but only with average looking girls so there is no hope for an average looking guy to get sex (ok you might strike lucky once or twice but virtually never). perhaps this is because British girls think they are much better and more worthy than they really are? certainly the guys who work out, are tall, big built and good looking often only get access to average looking or fat girls.

if you are short as a guy, you are screwed for casual sex and you have it tough to get a girlfriend. girls put height above facial attractiveness. they put it as their number 1 physical attribute for a guy. and if you are short and lack confidence, there will never be any hope for you ever.

You can be whatever you want to be, chase your dreams! If you really want to be a model, go for it!

Yup, people think I'm ''different'' and ''antisocial''

My true friends know that I'm just shy.…...

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