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Career Plan Reflection Paper
Alexis Phan
February 5, 2014
Rodney Thirion

The career plan building activities actually just confirmed what I already knew about myself. I love to work with and interact with people, I love to help people, I like to deliver results and I can be resistant to change. The activities also taught me things that I didn’t know about myself. I always viewed myself as organized and I learned that I could definitely be more organized. Being organized prevents one from rushing, and one is able to deliver great results as because their work is thorough. I also learned that I value job security and how much a job having the potential for me to grow and learn new things and move up in the organization means to me.
This course actually can apply to my current and future career because it taught me how to communicate with people and the importance of communication. How a message is received by the receiver can have a great impact on my patients and potential investors. It taught me that I definitely have a lot to work on when it comes to my nonverbal communication skills such as my body language, gestures, eye contact, etc. My communication skills greatly affected my chances of being re-hired at my previous place of employment after being laid off and this course made me realize that much more. I knew that communication was very important but I don’t think I realized how big an impact it could have on my life. Now when speaking to others I am a lot more cautious about my tone of voice, the words I use, as well as my body language because I want to be sure what I am saying is interpreted in the right way. I also go into meetings differently. I look at the body language that my leadership team displays. Do they make eye contact? Do they fidget a lot? Do they use gestures? How is their posture? Do they seem confident in…...

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