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Becoming a General Manager

The bank was founded in 1960s it is located in Beirut, Lebanon in a town with 10 000 inhabitants. It offers services and products as cards, loans and accounts by targeting young families and customers between 20 and 64 years it has nearly 4000 customer and assets over 20million USD. Fifteen years back the branch experienced some financial difficulties but administrations succeeded to getting under control. The structure of the bank is a very simple one, its employees are Quebecers and all women it has 20 non-unionized employees with long term employment there Is a mutual trust and they all have a team work.
In addition, this bank has new general manager Guylaine Dagenais 30 years old she has a certificate in management and many years of experience in the banking field. She has also got experience in many areas because she believes that the successful manager is the manager who passes through positions from the bottom to the top in order to obtain the necessary experience; she is resourceful, ambitious, dynamic, sociable, patient, and autocratic .She is a powerful woman who can reflect her power on others that is why she like to take her own decisions alone without getting the ok from anyone but to be fair she try to be objective. Moreover as a general manager she plays all the managerial roles very well she always look forward and thinks in term of end , she is used to think right and to care about details ,she motivate her employees and support them to be accustomed to take decision but of course she is her to save the situation. Ms. Dagenais has both self and social emotional intelligence she has self-confidence and accurate self- assessment as well as self-management and self-control. So we can say that Guylaine is a real manager but to prove that to others, she has a goal to achieve which is maintaining: good profits, a…...

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