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Willis Havilland Carrier invented the first air conditioner in 1902. This was designed to boost the working process control in a printing plant. Carrier’s invention controlled temperature and humidity. The low heat and humidity helped keep the paper dimensions and ink alignment the same. Later his invention was used to populate productivity in the workplace. The Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America developed for the increasing demands. Gradually, air conditioning was used to help increase comfort in homes and cars. Residential sales increased rapidly in the 1950's.
Carrier lived from 1876-1950. He graduated with a Masters in Engineering from Cornnel University One of Carrier’s first patents was awarded to him in 1906, “The Apparatus for Treating Air”. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers was given Willis Carrier’s formula for the Rational Psychometric Formulae. The Carrier Engineering Corporation was formed in 1915.
The factors for exponential growth for air-conditioning are the HVAC Market, energy, environment, communication, societal, political, preparing for the future, looking ahead, and the conclusion. Buildings of the U.S. use approximately 35% of the nation’s precise total of energy consumtion. The worth of shipments by U.S. HVAC manufacturers was over $28 billion of 1996. Since there are 52,000 CHC chillers needed to be replaced among the U.S., there’s a large opportunity for new chillers, new technology for the HVAC industry. The ozone depletion is an international issue in which is currently being resolved. The 3rd world countries are still allowed to manufacture CFC’s. Illegal imports of CFC’S to the U.S. are a consistent concern. Many illegal imports are virgin CFC’s. Those whom have political overtones are specifically the ones whom create protectionism of local commerce, having a negative impact on those inside and out of the…...

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