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Seminar 2! Behavioral Actions!

I want to portray a professional image in my field of work, I think by doing this it will set me up for success, and open opportunities for me that would not have presented them otherwise. I want a to display a professional image, not only in the way I look but in the way I act, talk, and to show knowledge in my line of work on the product we sell, our safety record, and professionalism. In my field of work, I speak to a lot of customers, ranging from CEO to supervisors. Throughout my experience in this field I have learned to dress appropriately, talk professionally, and present my knowledge in a way to insure my company and I are capable of doing the job but not too show that my company and I are the only ones who know what is going on. My dress code at work can be jeans, and collared shirt when I am in our branch office, khakis, with nice dress shirt when I visit other locations, suit or dress slacks with company shirt when I am at corporate office. When I am in the field or on customer sites, I will have to have the proper PPE on. I try to make sure when I schedule customer site walk through, on site visits, or in house meetings I dress appropriately with the proper attire. This shows professionalism, and suitable manner for the job duty applied. I try my hardest to make sure I am making myself look appropriate in the customer’s eyes and I try to always make sense and sound professional while speaking.
Some behavioral actions that are inappropriate in my work field are aggression, manipulation, poor listening, not keeping eye contact, and bad manners. I believe these are all important items to not do in any field of work but especially mine. If you are aggressive, have bad manners, or don’t listen to your customer, the customer may not want your company to do the task at hand. I think it is important to not manipulate…...

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