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Being There

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Being There

Being there is about a man named Chance, who is isolated from the outside of the old man's estate, getting his knowledge from watching television and taking care of the garden. He is around 40 years old, stupid and illiterate. He doesn't have any social skills, so he just talks about the garden. When the old man dies the lawyers who handle the estate can't find any evidence that chance has lived there, he is thrown out of the house. When he is on the street he is run over by a limo, and hurt his leg. The woman in the limo, named Elisabeth Eve Rand, apologized and asked him to come home to her, she had a doctor staying at her house, because her husband was very ill. Chance accepts, and goes with her. EE's husband, Benjamin, is a wealthy businessman, and a friend of The President. EE and Benjamin are fooled to think that Chance's name is Chauncey Gardiner and he is a wealthy businessman because of his look when he is in the old man's suit. Chance and Mr. Rand then become friends, and when Mr. Rand couldn't go to a meeting, because of his illness, The President was coming to visit him and Rand wanted Chance to meet him. When chance is asked about something financial he answers by talking about a garden, and everyone thinks he is metaphorically speaking, when actually he's just answering with the few things he has learned in his life. So it goes with Chauncey talking nonsense to a lot of people including The President of the United States, a television audience, and the Soviet ambassador, all adding their own gloss to what he said, hearing what they wish to hear. In the end a presidential candidate is missing a vice presidential candidate when the last one backed out. As they couldn't find a man for the job, one of the candidate's men came with the suggestion to put Chance as the vice presidential candidate, but the other men thought this was a…...

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