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The Belgian Red Devils & Jupiler

Assignment 1


Mission, Vision & Values
 As Jupiler is a part of AB Inbev we will be taking a look at their mission, vision & values. First of all their mission is to hold and attract consumers, to get more connected with the clients, always deliver nothing but the best, and try to strengthen our position in the market and look for emerging markets that can be interesting. Secondly the vision for Jupiler is that they are trying to get and stay connected with men, as their slogans says „ Jupiler, men know why!”, so they know that most football fans drink a lot of beer. So by entering the football market and linking the name to their product will keep buyers connected. Jupiler also tries to reach out at markets in Holland, because they started to sponsor the national team there as well and the team of Ajax. Finally the Values, Jupiler stands for a belgian beer who has a 45% market share in Belgium. And they stand for the beer of men, like i already mentioned they say that there is no need for further information because men know why. 
 Now i’ll try to give u a short view about the the mission, vision & values of the Red Devils themselves. As their mission is to play the best possible football and to win as many matches as possible. They try to give to best for their fans every single time, so when somebody buys a ticket they will try to give him the most possible leisure in return. And for their vision, the Red Devils try to win every single match to go eventually to bigger games, like World cups, and try

to go higher and higher in the FIFA standing by giving the best out of them. and finally for their values, the Red Devils stand for a Belgian team where every single player has his own set of skills and tries to play and hopefully win every match…...

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