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Analysis of Consumer Buying Behavior in Purchasing Coca-Cola or Big Cola | Research methodology |

2.1.1. Brand 4
2.1.3. Product 6
2.1.4. Price 7
2.1.5. Place 8
2.1.6. Promotion 9
2.1.7. Consumer Buying Behavior 9 CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 11
3.1. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 11 3.1.1. Population 11 3.1.2. Sampling Procedure 11 3.1.3. Non Probability Sampling 11 3.1.4. Research Design 12 3.1.5. Exploratory Research Design 12
3.2. Questionare 12 REFERENCES 14


A set of ideas that made sense a century ago shaped the modern perspective on shopping. Some of these old-fashioned ideas are people shop for dollar value, which shopping decisions make practical sense or that shopping is mostly about acquiring needed goods and services.. Modern shoppers buy things to reward themselves, to satisfy psychological needs or to make themselves feel good. Modern shoppers buy things because they are expensive. They buy things to make a statement, to show off their personality or to boost their self-esteem. It is no longer sufficed to see a shopper as a rational creature making decisions. It is no longer enough to think that the shopper acts in a way that makes sense from an economic of logical point of view (Pooler, 2003).
For many years now, the cola soft drink market is led by the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo Inc. According to , over 6 trillion people drinks coca cola in 2003 all around the world. Besides the cola market, they have expanded their businesses to the other soft drink markets as well and achieved oligopoly positions with tremendous market shares in all of these markets. Different other brands and new companies have tried to successfully enter the…...

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Pepsico vs Coca-Cola

...Coca-Cola Company vs PepsiCo, Inc Professor Archie – ACC 305 Sara Griffith ...

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