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Biolando Biolando is a one of a kind natural region with many distinct features. It is made up of many lush plants and trees of varying types and is composed of subtropical wetlands. It is mostly composed of Sawgrass Marshes, Cypress and Mangrove forests. Biolando is home to many types of species such as the American Alligator, Tortoise, rabbits, various turtle species, and abundant amounts of fish and birds. The American Alligator, Turtle, Fish and Bird species inhabit the water regions of Biolando. The American Alligator’s main food source comes from various species of fish and birds. The Tortoise and rabbits live on the same terrain in which they live in harmony. The biotic factors of Biolando consist of various plants and trees such as Mangroves. Species such as Alligators, Turtles, Fish, Bird species, and Tortoises fall under the biotic factor category also. Abiotic factors in Biolando consist of forest fires which occur naturally and which can cause great harm to the environment of Biolando. Rain controls the amount of water that biolando receives, depending on this factor Biolando will either flourish or will be in a drought. Sunlight has a strong impact on plants which is one of the key factors to excel Biolando. If Disney decided to build on Biolando the species of Biolando would most definitely decrease in population due to the destruction of habitat and almost all the natural resources of Biolando would be destroyed being replaced by rides and other attractions of Disney leaving a huge tourist mess. Specifically solar devices would power the park by taking the energy of the sunlight and it would convert the sunlight into electricity. The advantage of using this method is that the sun will never run out of energy so solar power could always be sufficient. Another advantage of using solar power is that it does not pollute the earth; it just reuses the suns energy. A Disadvantage to using solar power is that it is more expensive than using coal. I did not choose fossil fuels as a power source because using fossils fuels such as coal pollutes our environment. I also did not choose wind to power the park because wind isn’t as reliable as energy from the sun. The environmental impact on humans would not be bad because they would be in a environment that uses solar power instead of fossil fuels which could be bad to breathe in. I would personally not sell the land to Disney. Even though it would bring in revenue if I sold Biolando to Disney it would destroy many homes of the animals that lived there and would most likely result in a loss of biodiversity.…...

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