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One day a little boy about 10 or 11 was walking home from school. He was walking alone and he felt scared. As it became darker while he was walking the long road home some older boys started to follow him. He got scared and he didnt know what to do. Qucikly he looked all around him and he spotted the one place he knew that he would be save. In a instant he took of running for the landfill up ahead. Once he made it into the landfill he was looking around for somewhere to hide that he knew he would be safe. In a quick motion he was got.
Running as fast as he can toward the back for corner of the dump. He had just made it to the back when he saw a man. The man was not a normal man, no he was the keeper of the landfill and he looked at the boy and asked him what he was doing there. The boy looked up at the man and told him, " I am running from some mean boys that want to beat me up!" The man looked at him in concern and told him he could make himself and home and stay until the boys were gone. By this time it was already goign on 7 o'clock at night and the little boy was sure his mom would be worried about him. Then he realized that his mom had yoga class and wouldnt be home till 10. So the boy made himself a comfy little spot to sit and grabbed a paper and started to read it. The boy sat there for about two more hours before he thought the coast was clear. He told the man that he was going to go home because he figured the bullies should be gone by now since he did wait in the landfill for hours. He started walking to the front and when he got there he looked around the corners to make sure the other kids were gone. He looked every which way that was possible before he was determined that they were all gone. As he started walking out of the landfill he saw a dark figure creeping through the night and in a split second he was turnign around to run straight back…...

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