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The consumption of bottled water has been increasing consistently over the last decade, even in countries where tap water quality is considered excellent. The point is in spite of being more expensive and less comfortable, why do people prefer packaged drinking water as compared to tap water. The answer to this is dissatisfaction with tap water (especially taste) and health/risk concerns. 70% of the diseases are water borne which leads to serious illness & hence hygienic water is necessity. Packaged drinking water is your safest source of water. With increasing industrial pollution, water has become unsafe. Packaged drinking water is free from any industrial pollutants. There is a scarcity of pure, healthy and fresh drinking water across the country. Packaged drinking water is only the healthy and safe option. Moreover, water regulates body temperature and blood circulation. Just take a sip of packaged drinking water anywhere and do your body a sea of good. Water aids in digestion and absorption of food. And better still, when it's the purest. (Economic Times on 29th Sept.09)
One can not think about life without water. We are blessed with adequate natural resources of water but increasing population, alarming rate of global warming and rapid industrialization and lack of adequate and improved management of the water supply systems resulted in the increased rate of water consumption, wastage of water and deteriorating condition of the water supply networks and the result is, scarcity of water. The Water shortage around the world and particularly in the developing countries has opened new doors for bottled water Industry. (Hindustan Times on June10, 2008)
With the elaborate set of rules and mandatory procedure of complicated tests laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), one would think that at least the bottled water in the Capital is safe to drink. But…...

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