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You're gonna be the death of me
I don't want you but I need you
I love you and hate you at the very same time

See what I want so much, should never hurt this bad
Never did this before, that's what the virgin says
We've been generally warned, that's what the surgeon says
God talk to me now, this is an emergency

And she claim she only wit' me for the currency
You cut me deep, bitch, cut me like surgery
And I was too proud to admit that it was hurtin' me
I'd never do that to you, at least purposely

We breakin' up again
We makin' up again
But we don't love no more
I guess we fuckin' then

Have you ever felt you ever want to kill her?
And you mix them emotions with tequilla
And you mix that wit' a little bad advice
On one of them bad nights, y'all have a bad fight
And you talkin' 'bout her family, her aunts and shit
And she say, muhfucka, yo mama's a bitch

You know, domestic drama and shit, all the attitude
I'll never hit a girl, but I'll shake the shit outta you
But I'ma be the bigger man, big pimpin' like jigga man
Oh, I guess I figure it's

You're gonna be the death of me
I don't want you but I need you
I love you and hate you at the very same time

See what I want so much, should never hurt this bad
Never did this before, that's what the virgin says
We've been generally warned, that's what the surgeon says
God talk to me now, this is an emergency

And my nigga said I shouldn't let it worry me
I need to focus on the girls we gettin' currently
But I've been thinkin' and it got me back to sinkin' in
This relationship, it even got me back to drinkin'

Now this Hennessey, is gonna' be the death of me
And I always thought that you havin' my child was our destiny
But I can't even vibe wit you sexually
'Cause every time that I try you will question me.

Saying, you…...

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