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Assignment 1 BMOM5203

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Answer of Case Study 1: as a Regional Manager my final option to solve this problem which will in turn achieve the organization objective, maximizing the long term return and customer satisfaction, will be option (5). Below is my analysis in reaching this decision.

The first step I will implement is identifying the exciting problem, which in this case is the potential of losing a big customer due to the personal differences between the customer and sale representative and this will be a big lose to my company. Then I will list possible alternatives that can solve this problem. As per the options available in this case the first three options can be eliminated because they will not solve the problem reasonably. They either will have a negative impact on my employees or I will lose my customer which in both cases will decrease the company’s return. Finding another sales representative in the same region to deal with this customer can be another solution. However, it might not be achievable because it is not in the list of options available in this case and there might be only one representative in each region. So, the remaining best alternative could be either 4 or 5. First, as a manager I will try to get the sale representative and the customer and try to solve the problem with them. However, this option might not solve the problem because the real problem is the personal differences which can not be changed. In this case the best solution could be move the sales representative to an important project in such a way which appears to him and his colleaques that he is promoted because of his good job, by doing so I keep my big customer and at the sametime the environment at work is good and engourges the employee to love their work and continue working.

The best alternative that maxcimizes long term return of…...

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