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Bmw Cars in Germany

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BMW cars in Germany

BMW is developing new cars in Germany. BMW’s headquarter is in Germany. Team C would be talking about market plan in growth, trends, market size, growth rate and how much profit they make. Team C also would be providing some details about BMW legal issues that involves with risk of rates, technologies, political, economic, and culture diversity.


BMW is currently expanding many more new cars coming out such as mini cooper ( with their new designs), 1 series, hybrids, number of series (1,3,5,6,7) and X1, x3 and x5. New hot trends are: new design of Mini Cooper (4 doors), series-1 and X1. BMW have been on the list for 14th time and eighth time it has come out on top from

Factors of Trends, Size market, Growth and profitability

BMW cars keep growing each year which evidently show that they are continuing increasing the profits for Germany.
BMW Group sales in/up to March 2012 at a glance | In March 2012 | Compared to previous year | Up to/incl. March 2012 | Compared to previous year | BMW Group Automobiles | 185,728 | +12.0% | 425,528 | +11.2% | BMW | 153,004 | +13.4% | 356,548 | +11.0% | MINI | 32,421 | +5.6% | 68,210 | +12.1% | Rolls-Royce Motor Cars | | | 770 | +6.5% | BMW Motorcycles | 12,295 | +5.3% | 24,373 | +5.5% | Husqvarna Motorcycles | 1,182 | +74.9% | 2,642 | +36.2% | | | | | |

BMW (2012). BMW Group Sales reach all-time high in March. Retrieved on September 30, 2012 from

(n.a) (2012). BMW Sustainability in the spotlight. Retrieved on September 30, 2012 from…...

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