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Board Meeting or Movie Party? a New Approach in Understanding the Culture

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When a company tried to expand its business to another country, it often faces a cultural barrier that is difficult to understand. Here the term 'culture' is used in a broad sense where it includes not only the conventions and social norms, but also the economy, lifestyles, value systems, and common personalities that influence consumption. Companies try a variety of approaches including training its employees, hiring locals, and/or forming a strategic alliances with local companies, but they still make silly mistakes despite all these efforts.
In your opinion, what would be the best way to understand the country your company plans to target as a new market? How would you be assured that you have a clear understanding of the culture and the market in the target country? Please note that the traditional efforts listed above are NOT the answers expected in this assignment. Be creative and think out of the box to come up with a new approach that allows companies to be effective in understanding a new culture and its market
Board meeting or movie party? A new approach in understanding the culture
When it comes to target a new market in a new country, no matter it is local or international, a company needs to train its employees and select the most suitable candidates to accomplish the goals. There are lots of purposes of doing internal training. It could give your employees a clearer understanding of the core business strategies and goals of your company, motivate them and make your company a fun environment for happy staff, and keep the cost down by designing internal courses or events and using them in the long run.
Internal trainings could be boring, like board meetings and conference calls. It could also be fun, like a movie party in the office. In my opinion, a movie party could be one of the best approaches to make the effort of targeting a new country.…...

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