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#20 Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited

Can words describe the amount of sound that came out the speakers after playing Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited? The many sounds that make up this remarkable piece of what one could only describe as artwork is a phenomenal mix of instruments and vocals to produce a sound that is of no other. Dylan combines everything from a simple harmonica (which he makes sound anything but simple) all the way up to electric guitars, drums, acoustics, tambourines, banjos and even what sounds to be like a Kazoo in track 7! His background falls under influences coming from the blues with an emphasis on delta blues, and a strong country back ground as well. He ties these older sounds together with the new sounds of today’s rock and roll to create even flowing and cohesive piece of work. His music is made for the youth and even in a time when folk and country music is something we would relate to our parents, his music brings out a young vibrantness that no person, old or young, could ignore.
His overall CD encompasses many mixed emotions. Dylan seems to incorporate personal stories of his own life along with random stories which when combined produce songs of happiness as well as desperation to the modern world. His CD doesn’t carry a main story line, and in fact really sounds like a mix of random feelings and emotions that he kind of slapped together into one cohesive motion. His first track “Like a rolling stone” pulls the listener in with an instant hook made up of an arsenal of sound which includes electric guitar, drums, tambourine, and an organ. It sways the listener into an almost uncontrollable state of happiness and could only produce nothing but a gigantic smile on ones face. His vocals contain his dislike for a woman he proclaims he used to know but has changed in…...

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