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Book to Movie: Always a Bad Adaptation?

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When a book is adapted to a movie, it’s not hard to see people disappointed with the final results. That happens because they expect to see every moment from the book in the big screen. What people don’t see is that a good adaptation doesn’t mean having all the scenes from the book in the movie. The name itself says everything, it is just an adaptation. As an example of a good adaptation without keeping the entire book in a single movie, I’m going talk about one of the most famous books for movies adaptation: The Harry Potter Series.
The first aspect I’m going to talk about is the attention to details. It’s interesting to see every little thing represented in the movie, even though most of them will not appear for more than a second, and are there just to respect the world created by the writer. Some specific things on scenarios or clothing, just the fans of the book will notice, but it doesn’t interfere the understanding of the story for the ones who never read the book before. That makes the adaptation even more interesting, because every time you watch it, you may discover some new detail in the scenes.
Another good aspect in the Harry Potter movies is the magical environment created. It is amazing to see the places we used to imagine while reading the story with such a great level of detail; it makes the world we were used to only imagine become touchable for us. Hogwarts castle, Hogsmeade village, and other locations built with fidelity to the story just contribute to make this entire magical world become true in the big screen.
The last good thing I could say about Harry Potter movies is that they kept attention on the main story line from the books, which is the Harry versus Voldemort plot. In the book we have so many secondary stories happening at the same time, all the school reality, including classes, exams, and vocations, besides the story we see in…...

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