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Life Event: The Birth Of My Two Children

Explanation: Having my children was really important to me because they changed my life. I was a very selfish person before I had kids but then I learned that its not all about me anymore. Everything I do now is to benefit my family. They are the main reason I am getting a better education.

Reflection: Having children deffantly made me feel overwhelmed and scared at first. But then as time went on I felt really great knowing that I made these little people. It’s amazing to watch them grow and learn. You get to teach them a great deal of things. Like walking, talking and playing.

Life Event: Graduating Dental Assistant Program

Explanation: The Dental Program I took was a very tough and intense program. This event is important because I proved to myself that I can conquer anything life throws at me . It also gave me a chance at a better paying job.

Reflection: I felt like I won a million bucks. I worked really hard and knew that I deserved to graduate. I wasn’t a very good student in high school so when I passed all my classes in dental school I knew my hard work had paid off.

Life Event: Changing School

Explanation: This was an important event because it was life changing. I have never changed schools before so this was something completely new to me. I didn’t know what to expect. I was really hard for me. Reflection: I was really nervous about changing schools. Being an child with ADHD makes is almost impossible to deal with change so I was very scared. In the end I got to meet new friends and meet the most influencal teachers. I think If I didn’t change schools I wouldn’t be who I am now.

Life Event: Being Selected for Jazz Ensemble

Explanation: Jazz Emsemble was very uplifting because I was always a good singer but no one gave me a chance. So when my choir teacher told me to try out I was shocked . She had given me a chance to show off what I got. And it was the best decision for me. Reflection: Joining Jazz Emsemble made me fell more confident. I was givin the opportunity to showcare my abilty and I felt like people took me a little more seriously. This experience deffinatly helped my be able to sing in front of a crowd and take control.

Life Event: Getting Married

Explanation: This is important to me beause I get to spend the rest of my life with someone I love. He is great with my children and never has once complained about them not being his. It’s important to find someone who loves you for you and doesn’t wanna change anything about you. Also who can be there for you whenever you need them. Reflection: This life event made me feel so overjoyed. I have been waiting for someone like him for a very long time and with hard work and effort it all fell into place. I think I also feel accomplished because it took a lot of hard work to get past some of our differences but we took the time to work through them and come together.…...

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