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Was Brian Wells a Victim?

Christopher Seymour Professor Ann Burgess Victimology November 19, 2012

Seymour 1

Early on the morning of August 23, 2003, Brian Wells walked into the Erie Pennsylvania PNC bank and calmly handed over a note to the teller –‘Gather employees with access codes to vault and work fast to fill bag with $250,000, you have 15 minutes.’ Wells picked up a dumdum lollypop and casually waited. He was armed with a shotgun disguised as a cane and had a large collar brace under his t-shirt that he claimed was a bomb. Quickly apprehended by Pennsylvania State Police, Wells claimed that three African American men forcibly attached the bomb to him, and he was ordered to rob the bank. Though a bomb squad was called, the bomb attached to Brian Wells detonated while he sat handcuffed surrounded by police. The FBI investigation that followed sought to uncover who was involved in the planning, and whether Brian Wells was a victim or conspirator. While the facts of the case suggest that Wells was involved in the bank robbery, the actions of three others – Marjorie Diehl Armstrong, Ken Barnes, and Bill Rothstein caused the plan to spiral out of control and left a deceased Brian Wells as a victim in this tragedy.

On the morning of August 23rd, Brian Wells was working his shift as a pizza deliveryman, the same job he had held since dropping out of high school 30 years prior. According to initial statements by Wells, he was called to deliver two pies to 8631 Peach Street. Upon arriving, Wells claimed that three African Americans forcibly attached a collar bomb around his neck, gave him a shotgun disguised as a cane, and ordered him to follow a series of clues if he hoped to survive. His first command was to rob the PNC in Erie for $250,000 and follow a series of notes detailing his next objective. Wells walked…...

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