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1. Play laser tag once a week.
2. Tip generously. We ALL have to make up for Ted.
3. Don't get married before you're thirty.
4. Always open a door for a lady. Even if she's ugly.
5. Own at least one suit, but twelve if you can.
6. Keep your apartment chilly. Nipples reveal themselves at temperatures below 60° F / 150° C.
7. An easy way to score chicks is to pose as a NASCAR driver because they're rich, dangerous, and nobody knows what they look like because, duh, helmets.
8. Mani-pedis are not just for girls, but drinks with umbrellas emphatically are, Marshall.
9. Two never-fail ways to grease a bouncer: Slip him a $20, or compliment his neck muscles.
10. Have a "guy" for everything.
11. If it seems like the group is almost ready to go, play it safe and yell, "Shotgun!"
12. Remove your keys from your front pocket before receiving a lap dance. It's called respect. Plus, you'll feel it on your junk more.
13. Learning to play the air drums will save your life one day.
14. Give at least as many high fives as you get.
15. Subscribe to "O" magazine. It's full of great tips and tricks for around the house.
16. Have sex in a bathroom stall.
17. If you ever find yourself in a tricky situation, ask yourself, "What would Ted do?" and do the exact opposite.
18. Teacup pigs might be lady-magnets, but they apparently don't digest chocolate.
19. If you ever meet a contortionist, I swear to God don't you ever let her go. I am so serious about this. I gotta sit down or something. Maybe drink some water.
20. Trying to ogle two boobs at the same time is like reading in a car – it'll make you sick.
21. If you're older than 30 and you do get married, accept the fact that throw pillows will become a big part of your life.
22. Magic is cool, despite what you may have heard from everyone you've ever talked to.
23. Never use the word "moist" on a first date.
24. Lick the Liberty Bell.
25. When visiting a strip club, do not sleep on the meatballs. They're exquisite.
26. Whatever your lifelong dream is, forget it. Your lifelong dream is now "Meet Hugh Hefner."
27. Do ten little-toe crunches every morning and maybe one day he won't cry all the way home.
28. Do unto others as you'd have done unto you. Except mouth stuff because, eww, gross.
29. Slender wife, happy life.
30. And most importantly, whatever happens in this life, it's not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.

"The Dream"

You wake up in the morning and start your day with a 24 hour dump. Dump Day. While that's certainly a long time, you now no longer have to poop for an entire year. Because there's no fear of dumping, your tauntaun butler helps dress you in a suit made of prosciutto so you can eat your way naked. On a full stomach, you travel via jet engine roller skates to a stadium where you enjoy a pack of lions fighting a Tyrannosaurus. Luckily, you're enjoying this with some chick you just met; who as it turns out is rocking an amazing set of back boobs. After the tyrannosaurus and lions battle to a draw, you ditch Back Boobs and head outside to see a dog driving a motorcycle. How'd he get on there? How does he keep his tail out of the exhaust? Why did the human agree to sit in the sidecar? Nobody knows, but it's awesome. When you get home, you open your globe bar where the earth has been replaced by a geographic representation of the Barnerian Empire and pour yourself a scotch using ice cubes made out of scotch, so when they melt, you just get more scotch. You settle in with your scotch on the scotch and turn on the TV to a channel that exclusively features elderly people trying to run through thunderstorms. After getting your fill of laughter for the year, you eat your cell phone made out of pretzels and chocolate for a snack, and then switch on some Olympic coverage, which now prominently features the Olympic sport of Laser Tag. You can't watch for too long though because you have to try to hook up with a bunch of bridesmaids at your best bro's wedding. By the way, did you know bridesmaid's dresses have been replaced by yoga pants? On your way back from the wedding you swing by the Sorority Trampoline World Bounce Finals. Why? Because you're the honorary judge at the Sorority Trampoline World Bounce Finals! For some reason they're not letting you in though, so, quickly, Gosling, Tatum and you all pile into one giant trench coat, posing as an astonishingly tall businessman. You're in! You award one of the contestants first place and she gives you your own special award, which you receive again after you discover she's a hot chick who loses her short term memory during your refractory period. Unfortunately you can't repeat this forever because you've got to race home for one magical night with Lily. Good thing you just had those mirrored carpets installed and had time to put in your contact lens high definition video camera. Uh oh!! Her husband Marshall found out! Holy cow, he raced over here on a flying carpet that uses only flatulence for propulsion and punched you in the face. Your neighbor called the cops! But you take the fall and go to jail for your bro. And that? That's the dream. For now, Trampoline World Bounce Finals. Why? Because you're the honorary judge at the Sorority Trampoline World Bounce Finals! For some reason they're not letting you in though, so, quickly, Gosling, Tatum and you all pile into one giant trench coat, posing as an astonishingly tall businessman. You're in! You award one of the contestants first place and she gives you your own special award, which you receive again after you discover she's a hot chick who loses her short term memory during your refractory period. Unfortunately you can't repeat this forever because you've got to race home for one magical night with Lily. Good thing you just had those mirrored carpets installed and had time to put in your contact lens high definition video camera. Uh oh!! Her husband Marshall found out! Holy cow, he raced over here on a flying carpet that uses only flatulence for propulsion and punched you in the face. Your neighbor called the cops! But you take the fall and go to jail for your bro. And that? That's the dream. For now.
"I only have one rule"

Never date a girl with a hook for a hand.
Never go out with a chick whose last name ends in a vowel.
If you're gonna get it on in a portable toilet, do it early in the day.
Never meet a girl's parents.
Never pass up a free sample.
Never pet a chicken.
If "Don't Stop Believing" comes on, stop whatever you're doing and sing along with one hand up in the air.
Never check a bag.
If it's yellow, flush it down, too.
Never spell check.
Never trust a dude with hair past his shoulders.
Never trust a dude with hair ON his shoulders.
Never delete "Sex and the city" from your DVR.
Never enter a wine bar. They attract women over 30.
Never wear a brown belt with black shoes.
No cats.
Never take a girl back to your place, especially if your place is the White House.
Always wash your hands before returning to work.
Never leave home with less than three condoms in your wallet.
However old a girl says she is add five years. However much a girl says she weighs add twenty pounds.
Never make the first or third out at third base.
Never meet a girl for lunch.
Never repeat yourself.
Don't say the same thing twice.
Bang twice, dump once.
The longer the line, the better the food.
Throw it high, say "goodbye." Throw it low, you're going to the show.
If you pay your taxes before a court mandates that you do, you've paid too soon.
When travelling internationally, it's best to stick to bottled water and avoid ice cubes.
C-cups and up.
Never run without stretching.
Never wear a clip-on.
Never use an airplane lavatory.
Wait at least an hour after eating before humping.
He who smelt it, dealt it.
Ask yourself, "What would Ted do?" Then do the opposite.
Never order a "small" beer.
Black tie is never optional.
If someone yells "Duck!" then duck.
Never date a girl with a hook for a hand.
When a girl tells you how many guys she's slept with multiply by three to get the real number. 1. If she tells you she's "married."
This is chick-code for "I haven't done it in months, take me now."
2. If you're blocking her path to the bathroom and she says, "Pardon me."
Take away the P, A, R, and N and you have "Do me." It doesn't get much clearer than that. She wants you to join her in stall #3.
3. If she slaps you.
You know what they say: any physical contact is good contact. Be sure to establish a "safe word" beforehand. I recommend "help!"
4. If she insists the bouncers escort you out of the bar.
She wants to get you away from her friends and have you all to herself.
5. If she's eating pretzels.
Wants you to wrap her legs up in knots. Duh.
6. If the email she gives you ends with
She wants your junk, not your junk mail. No post-coital conversation required.
7. If she refuses your offer to buy her a drink.
She wants you to buy her dinner instead – in which case, bail. That's way too much effort when there's probably a girl nearby eating pretzels.
8. If she doesn't answer your phone calls.
She's letting your calls go to voicemail so she can listen to your voice over and over and over again. She horny!
9. If she's buttoning up her jacket and turning her body away from you.
She's teasing you by covering up her heaving bosom.
10. If she pulls you aside and says, "Seriously. You need to stop stalking me. You've been creeping me out all night. I'm about to call the cops."
Wink! It doesn't get much "harder to get" than that.

Below are five "Personality Improvement Cards." Print them out and give them to your friends, making sure to explain that you're just trying to help them be more awesome. If they resist, here's a great quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson you can use to persuade them: "Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect and total awesomeness." True story.
Personality Improvement Card #1
Name: Alexander Macintosh
Job: 4-Time Motocross Champion
Quirks: Chugs motor oil before each race. Rarely vomits.

Personality Improvement Card #2
Name: Eddie Lightyear
Job: Drummer
Quirks: Can burp the entire alphabet. In Farsi.

Personality Improvement Card #3
Name: Tawny Gobblestock
Job: Female Porno Director
Quirks: Occasionally insists on getting "involved in the action." Great with actors.

Personality Improvement Card #4
Name: Jack Moustache
Job: Stuntman
Quirks: Taught Chuck Norris how to fight. Taught Jean-Claude Van Damme how to act.

Personality Improvement Card #5
Name: T.J. Mackey
Job: Seduction Artist / Motivational Speaker
Quirks: Knows how to "seduce and destroy" women. Makes a mean cocktail.

Forget every other rule I've ever stated because every other rule I've ever stated is old and I have only one rule: New is always better. That being said, there are some places on the Earth – older places - that are pretty cool and shouldn't necessarily be replaced by newer ones or augmented with bigger boobs.
Below is a list of locations that have earned "landmark" status in my own life.

MY BED: The epicenter of Awesomeness. It should be preserved and studied for future generations many of whom may have been conceived in, on, or under it.

JESSE LANGDORF'S CHILDHOOD HOUSE: Who is Jesse Langdorf? Shame on you for not knowing he was the American tailor who invented the all-weather wrinkle free neck-tie. Pay homage.

CIRO'S PIZZERIA, EAST MEADOW, NY: Drunk, stranded, and disoriented after learning the exciting way why they're called bridge and tunnel chicks, this local pizza joint totally Bro'd me out with two slices and a half dozen g-knots before directing me to the nearest train station.

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN: World famous arena home to countless classic boxing matches, basketball games, and concerts, this hallowed ground also played host to a thrilling, white-knuckle overtime event in section 323 during an otherwise ho-hum Rangers' game between me, a chick named Cindy, and her flexible friend Sarah? Sasha? Something with an "S"

MACLAREN'S BATHROOM: Where I met my best friend Ted Mosby and totally changed his life. Also where I met many of Ted's dates and totally changed their lives for a solid 7 minutes. Shhhh!

EMPIRE STATE BUILDING: Cool building that resembles a giant, Art Deco penis.

LUSTY LEOPARD VIP ROOM: Let's just say you'll need an ultraviolet light to see my signature.

LINCOLN CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS: What? A Bro can't take an evening off and enjoy the Royal Shakespeare Company? Jeeze Louise. Also, I once banged a ballerina backstage.

THE ARCADIAN: Hahahaha! Totally kidding. Tear that bitch down.

SAL'S LASER TAG EMPORIUM, WEST NYACK, NY: A young, unranked laser tag player wins his first invisibility match (and coupon for 1 free funnel cake). That player's name? Barney Stinson. True story.

Ducks are arguably the stupidest animals on the entire planet. Strike that. They are the stupidest animals ever to have lived on the planet. Stupider even than the dinosaurs which were so stupid they went extinct. Stupider even than the Stegosaurus which was the stupidest dinosaur of all. I know because I just looked it up on Wikipedia. It had a brain in its butt. That’s how stupid ducks are. Dinosaurs with butt brains were less stupid than them. Know what? Ducks aren’t even the stupidest animals on the planet. They are the stupidest animals in the entire universe, and you know there are planets out there with some pretty stupid animals. Even if there’s a planet out there that has animals made up entirely of Stegosaurus butt brains and Egg McMuffins, ducks are still stupider. By far. And if there’s a parallel universe where ducks think they’re super awesome and can shoot laser beams from their eyes and stuff then guess what? They’re still stupid. Think about it. Are there any good ducks in cartoons? Bugs Bunny: awesome. Snoopy: solid. Mickey Mouse: a little Ted-like but otherwise money. Daffy and Donald: pantless morons. They barely speak English! They say things like, “Sufferin succotash.” What kind of catch phrase it that? Scrooge McDuck is kinda cool because he’s totally loaded and has a swimming pool of gold and a money bin but if you dig deep enough he’s probably not really a duck. He’s probably something awesome, like a dog or an electric guitar dressed up like a duck. Ducks are stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. It’s even in their name. Mallard? Mal = Bad. Lard = Fat. And Fat + Bad = Celibate. That’s just simple math. You know who I really feel sorry for? The platypus. You take an otherwise awesome animal - it’s poisonous, yo (Wikipedia) – then you give it a freakin’ duck bill. Just think how embarrassed all the platypi are walking around with freakin’ duck bills. That’s why they stayed in Australia. They were too embarrassed about their freakin’ duck bills to go live in the real world. So next time you see a platypus say, “I’m sorry, bro. Evolution gave you the short end of the stick,” and offer up a conciliatory fist bump, taking care to avoid the hind limb cause that’s where the calcaneus spur secretes a venom that while non-lethal to humans can still lead to the development of hyperalgesia – a heightened sensitivity to pain. Oh, and next time you see a duck, kick it.


Grover Cleavage
Purgatory Melons DeGenerous

In addition, countless Latin phrases (the most significant being “Homines Ante Feminae,” or, Bros Before Hoes) have made their way into contemporary vernacular. For these contributions, and many others, we are forever indebted to our great Broman ancestors. (Especially, Caligula. That dude was dirty. Seriously, rent the movie.) Below are ten other Latin phrases, still in common use today…

Sir or Madam… actually, just Sir. If you’re a madam, just pass this over to a sir. Thanks, lady.
Six years ago I applied for patents on two inventions. You rejected the Chick Magnet citing fears of “catastrophic radioactive fallout.” Fair enough. No hard feelings. I sold the idea to a company in Turkmenistan that is beginning tests on a prototype Chick Magnet. Based on a very quick image search, I hope it’s a strong one. Yikes.
You never responded to my second idea, however, and I’d like to resubmit my patent application. The American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 (Public Law 106-113, 113 Stat. 1501) clearly states that any person who “invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, may obtain a patent.” I think you’ll find my invention easily meets those criteria. Ready?
Back Boobs.
That’s right. The visual stimulation of missionary meets the emotional detachment of doggie style. (I’d also like to patent that slogan.)
The idea is simple: Supplement the modern female chest with an equally supple bosom atop her currently flat shoulder blades. This way women can elevate their social status by doubling their cleavage while men gain the ability to gawk at a pair of cans without having to feign eye contact or interest in whatever it is women talk about… Our best guess is “shopping.”
While the invention is tentatively titled “Back Boobs,” I’d also like to file for protection of the following possible names:
“Back Rack”
“Mirror Melons”
“Boob Mullet”
“Double D 360”
“Flesh Backpack”
In addition, I’d like to file for provisional patents on potential collateral inventions such as:
“The Extreme Sports Bra”
“The Double Bikini”
“Back Boob Jobs”
“Fully Topless Bars”
“Reverse Motorboating”
I anxiously await your response. We’re excited to begin “development.” Dear Smed,
It’s simple. I am more awesome than you. Also, I never leave my apartment without my Legendary Night Kit (patent pending). As long as I have my trusty tools and weapons, I’m guaranteed a Legendary Night ™ no matter where I’m at or who I’m with. How full-proof is this kit? So full-proof that I’ve had multiple Legendary Nights despite hanging out with:
• An ex-girlfriend
• A Bigfoot enthusiast
• A pregnant chick
• A whiny professor of architecture
You’ve probably never seen me access my Legendary Night Kit because it’s hidden in plain sight. While the casual admirer thinks I’m simply wearing a handmade Italian wool suit, look closer and in addition to the perfect seams, the diamond encrusted pinstripe, and an iridescent sheen achieved only through some ethically questionable sheep husbandry, you might notice the following items:
Around Neck:
TIE - Not just the pièce de résistance in your ensemble, it’s also useful for blindfolding, tethering hands to bedposts, and as a quick escape out the window.
Inner RightBreast Pocket:
PASSPORT (real) - Legendary nights aren’t confined to the good ol’ U.S. of A. How else are you going to see Canadian treasures the Dabrowski Sisters do the only Siamese twin stripper act in North America?
Inner Left Breast Pocket:
PASSPORT (fake) - Prince Edwardo of the Duchy of Bulgravia never has a boring night.
Right Pants Pocket:
GUMMI BEARS - Legendary nights can leave you tired. These rainbow colored little bastards are pure energy.
Left Pants Pocket:
DECK OF CARDS - A round or two of poker breaks the ice with anyone, from a couple of tipsy co-eds, to the roadie for Metallica, to that shady dude you met at the bodega who may or may not be ex KGB. Also: magic tricks.
Right Pants Leg:
SIX RED SOLO CUPS - There’s no such thing as a non-legendary game of Flip Cup.
Left Pants Leg:
LIGHTSABER - No explanation needed for why this is included. A reproduction will do if you can’t get a real one.

Barney Stinson


Feel free to press play on that Blue Ray player if your bro’s conquest is hotter than the strength of your bro-lationship:
H > ((.FF X Lbs) / 3A) X BrF
H = Chick’s hotness on the traditional 1-10 scale
FF = Freak Factor - percentage chance of your bro being into something really freaky
Lbs = Your bro’s weight
A = Your bro’s age
BrF = Bro Factor – being on a scale of 0-10, the closeness of your relationship with your bro. 0 being not a bro – 10 being your separated-at-birth Siamese twin brother.
Here’s an example or two to illustrate:
Should Vince Neil watch bro, Tommy Lee’s, sex tape? Let’s go to the formula to find out:
9 > ((.76 X 185) / (3 X 33) X 7
9 is not greater than 9.4941 – Sorry Vince. You’re stuck watching reruns of Baywatch if you wanna see Pam’s cans.
Should Larry Flynt watch any of Hugh Hefner’s many, many sex tapes? Hugh’s probably not doing anything freaky enough to weird ol’ Lar-dog out, so…
9 > ((.23 X 125) / (3 X 85) X 3
9 is greater than .33823 – Press play without fear, Mr. Flynt.
Should Chewbacca push play on R2D2’s head to watch a sex hologram of Han Solo gettin’ on with the Princess? Well, Leia is pretty hot, but Han has done the Kessel run and they do weird stuff on that planet, so who knows what he’s into. Plus Wookies are notoriously prudish, with the exception of having a bit of a furry fetish. Let’s run the numbers:
8 > ((.50 X 180) / (3 X 33) X 9
8 is not greater than 8.181. But, this is Leia in the metal bikini we’re talking about. So Chewie’s probably gonna watch, as well he should.

Guys, you're never gonna believe this, but I made a mistake. I know, right? Me! The Barnacle! The Barn-Burner! The Chicken-Barn Sandwich!
Anyway, remember when I said that "End of the World" Sex is the best sex of all time? Well, there are a few more options that I left out/just thought of that are equally important. The list, like my deal, is extensive. Let’s dive right in, shall we?
"You Just Qualified for Rent Control" Sex
“They Dropped the Charges” Sex
“It's Only Tuesday?" Sex
"Jurassic Park Becomes A Real Thing" Sex
"Broken Turnstile Leading to Free Subway Ride" Sex
"Harrison and Lennon Come Back as Zombies and Force McCartney and Ringo to Start Touring Again… Or Even Just McCartney" Sex
"The Test Came Back Negative" Sex
"The 'Shawshank' Remake with Ryan Gosling Rumor is False" Sex
“They’re Going to Settle" Sex
"Your Music Video About Suits Just Went Viral" Sex
"She Doesn't Quite Understand English" Sex
"Sex with a Stripper" Sex
"Sex with an Australian Girl" Sex
"Sex with a Flight Attendant" Sex
“Sex With an Australian Flight Attendant Who Moonlights as a Stripper” Sex
"Just Convinced Her I’m the Ambassador to Pangea" Sex
"The Milk Has Only Been Expired for a Day or Two" Sex
"Skynet Just Became Self-Aware” Sex
“In & Out Burger’s Coming to New York?!" Sex
"New iPhone Announcement" Sex
“It's Still Only Tuesday?" Sex
“My Best-Selling Book, ‘The Bro Code and ‘The Playbook’ Are Available Wherever Fine Books Are Sold” Sex
“I Just Got Laid” Sex
“During TSA Screening” Sex
"Post TSA Screening" Sex
“We’re Seriously, Like, Three Years from Time Travel” Sex
"Banned from the Yankee Stadium Kiss Cam" Sex
“It’s Supposed to Rain This Weekend” Sex
“I Just Saved a Buck or Two on Car Insurance” Sex
“Flag Day” Sex BlogVennDiagram

Here's a tip: if your party develops any or, God forbid, all of these characteristics, shut it down. Also, beware of moving parties. Any so-called party that involves delivery pizza, beer you cannot keep cool because you have no fridge, and me loading all of your stuff into a U-haul is a direct affront to humanity. We out.

Other lame parties to watch out for:

Cuddle parties
Tupperware parties
Book club meetings
Parties of five
Block parties
Parties where e-vite is sent out more than two weeks in advance
Non-wedding parties with printed invitations
Wedding parties with printed invitations
Office parties
Parties with parlor games
Parties where parlor games from previous lame parties are discussed to any extent
Murder mystery parties
Parties with themes besides "nudity"
Parties like it's 1999
The Whig party

1. If you and your friends are dressing up as a group, make sure you coordinate your costumes. Because you’ll all want to be Bender.
2. You are never too old to play children’s games…
3. …and you don’t have to feel old because you don’t want to go to clubs. Let’s face it, we all want to stay home and watch TV most of the time.
4. Never force a relationship, especially if you know it’s doomed from the beginning.
5. Double dates will always suck for one of the couples.
6. There can be more than one “The One.” And yes, that includes food.
7. Love is about never giving up…
8. … and it can last for ETERNITY.
9. When you start a relationship, you might end up letting yourself go a little. We’ve all been there.
10. It’s completely valid to throw Star Wars references in any kind of situation.
11. Your best friends are those who will always tell you the truth about yourself. Even if it sucks.
12. It’s perfectly fine for men to drink pink cocktails. Well, they are delicious! Everybody should drink these things every day.
13. You will hate the nicknames your friends will give you, but they will do it anyway.
14. Every time you think you are being philosophical and smart, your friends will see you as pretentious.
15. The Hot-Crazy scale. If she’s crazy, she needs to be equally hot. Barney fact.
16. Everybody goes through a hippie phase at least once.
17. If you wake up and you can’t remember what happened the night before, it’s for the best. Some things need to remain a mystery.
18. Whenever you are in a relationship, your single friends will find you cheesy and annoying.
19. NEVER make a slap bet with a 6’2” tall guy.
20. There are some friends you will want to keep for the rest of your life.
Barney Stinson: [to "Jingle Bells"] Pulling down her pants, yanking off my own, underneath the mistletoe I'll make your sister moan.
[Christmas 2006]
Barney Stinson: [to "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"] I wish I could see her naked, I wish I could see her naked, I wish I could see her naked, and down on all fours.
[Christmas 2007]
Barney Stinson: [to "The Dreidel Song"] Ted has a little sister, gets hotter every day, and if I ever meet her, with her boobies I will play. Everybody! Sister, sister, sister... What? I can celebrate Hanukah.

Double X Chromosome by Barney Stinson hot cutlet biscuit foxy chick bambi bunny dirty flirty thang

Laser Tag by Barney Stinson light cuts through the smoke where is my foe now?
Only his corn dog remains

Finer Wear by Barney Stinson two button pinstripe classic or legendary? depends on necktie

High Five by Barney Stinson one two three four five raise each one high in the air cut me some skin, bro

Wingman by Barney Stinson wingman O wingman please save me from the fatties it's your sworn duty

The bro code: A bro doesn't tell a mutual bro that a third bro has a crush on him, just like the third bro doesn't tell the mutual bro that the original bro went bare-pickle in front of her. SEE "QUID PRO BRO"

A bro who's also a chick, and therefore bang-able.

Over-excitement for any bro-ing out activity. e.g. Ricky popped a broner when his friend rented out the local laser tag arena for his birthday.

A safety device designed to counteract another bro's beer goggles. e.g. If it hadn't been for Sam's bronoculars, John would've totally tagged that ugmo.

The P-L-Bro:
A group of bros occupying the same brocation as your own brommunity.

1. A utopian bro-dom. 2. A strip club.

A motorcycle accommodating two or more gentlemen "on the bro."

9 Reasons you NEVER Wear Jeans to a Strip Club

9. Cloth pockets are roomier, more elastic, allowing for a thicker wad of cash.
8. Denim clashes with a club's leopard, zebra, or other safari animal motif.
7. Unless the gentleman's club is in your living room, you'll be going out to view these ladies, and thus, should be suiting up anyway.
6. Jeans remind dancers of their ostensibly disenfranchised, lower-tier socio-economic upbringing that has propelled them toward their unhappy, proletarian existence, mitigated only marginally by the delightfully tawdry, strobe-lit arena of the burlesque club.
5. Jeans remind dancers of YOUR ostensibly disenfranchised, lower-tier socio-economic upbringing that has propelled you toward your unhappy, proletarian existence, mitigated only marginally by the delightfully tawdry, strobe-lit arena of the burlesque club.
4. One word, two syllables, three hours in the E.R.: Zipper.
3. Jeans make my legs look skinny.
2. It's a performance, and deserves respect. These erotic dancers have practiced tirelessly on a technically demanding piece of choreographed art. Would you wear dungarees to a ballet? (Sorry, trick question. Unless you're into dudes displaying their pressed fruits, you don't watch ballet. So the answer's still "No." Trick question withdrawn.)
1. You don't feel it as much on your kazoo.…...

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...ALT Codes - Alt Codes for Maths / Mathematics Welcome to Useful Shortcuts, THE Alt Code resource! If you are already familiar with using alt codes, simply select the alt code category you need from the table below. If you need help using alt codes find and note down the alt code you need then visit our instructions for using alt codes page. List of Alt Codes for entering Mathematical Symbols ALT Codes for Mathematical Symbols | Alt Code | Symbol | Description | Alt 48 - 57 | 0 - 9 | zero to nine | Alt Codes for Basic Operators | Alt Code | Symbol | Description | Alt 43 | + | Plus Sign | Alt 45 | - | Minus Sign | Alt 0215 | × | Multiplication Sign | Alt 0247 | ÷ | Obelus / Division ign | Alt Codes for Pers | Alt Code | Symbol | Description | Alt 37 | % | Percentage Sign | Alt 0137 | ‰ | Per mille (per thousand) | Alt Codes for Bracketing | Alt Code | Symbol | Description | Alt 40 | ( | Open Bracket | Alt 41 | ) | Close Bracked | Alt Codes for Degree of Accuracy | Alt Code | Symbol | Description | Alt 241 | ± | Plus or Minus | Alt Codes for Fractions | Alt Code | Symbol | Description | Alt 47 | / | Fraction seperator | Alt 0188 | ¼ | Quarter | Alt 0189 | ½ | Half | Alt 0190 | ¾ | Three quarters | Alt 46 | . | Decimal Point | Alt Codes for Equality | Alt Code | Symbol | Description | Alt 240 | ≡ | Exactly Identical | Alt 61 | = | Equals ...

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Walmart vs Samara Bros must be determined whether the claimed trade dress is functional. If so, the trade dress cannot be registered or protected as a trademark. In general terms, a feature is “functional” and cannot serve as a trademark “if it is essential to the use or purpose of the article or if it affects the cost or quality of the article.” The functionality doctrine limits the types of product configurations and design features that can be registered and protected under trademark law. If the claimed trade dress is found not to be functional, the party claiming rights must satisfy additional legal requirements before achieving registration or protection. The Supreme Court addressed these requirements in the key case of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Samara Bros.,where the court distinguished between “product-design” trade dress and “product-packaging” trade dress. The two categories can be described as follows: 1. “Product-packaging” trade dress is composed of the overall combination and arrangement of the design elements that make up the product's packaging, including graphics, layout, color, or color combinations; and 2. “Product-design” trade dress covers a product's shape or configuration and other product design features.As discussed below, inherent distinctiveness does not entitle product-design trade dress to protection under the trademark laws. Only after product-design trade dress is shown to have acquired secondary meaning will it be entitled to such protection.......

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..."The code of the streets is actually a cultural adaptation to a profound lack of faith in the police and the judicial system. The police are most often seen as representing the dominant white society and not caring to protect inner- city residents. When called, they may not respond, which is one reason many residents feel they must be prepared to take extraordinary measures to defend themselves and their loved ones against those who are inclined to aggression. Lack of police accountability has in fact been incorporated into the status system: the person who is believed capable of "taking care of himself" is accorded a certain deference, which translates into a sense of physical and psychological control. Thus the street code emerges where the influence of the police ends and personal responsibility for one's safety is felt to begin. Exacerbated by the proliferation of drugs and easy access to guns, this volatile situation results in the ability of the street oriented minority (or those who effectively "go for bad") to dominate the public spaces." (Anderson, Code of the Street). Anderson main argument in his research is that the behavior of many youths is influenced by the street culture or code. This “code” governs how youth from the inner city will react in a violent manor when faced with impersonal attacks or any show of disrespect. Through Anderson’s study he was able to give us the day to day struggle for some inner city children, and why they were unable to express......

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Warner Bros Doc

...charged high fees for the showing of films in theaters (Warner & Jennings 1965). The patent caused the Warner bros to sell their theaters and focus solely on the making of films and distributing (Cass Warner Sperling, 2008). The company grew to become one of the biggest and most influential motion picture studios in the world. 2.2 Introduction to theme A leader possesses multiple attributes either when dealing with a multinational company or a small managing company however there is one characteristic which described all of the brothers; being goal oriented regardless of the method of getting there. As there are four brothers, this report will discuss the personal attributes, functions and relationships of mainly Jack Warner and Sam Warner as they were the key figures. The reason for these themes is due to the fact that they have encountered a lot of obstacles, such as anti-Semitism, heavy competition and tension among each other, which they have solved in their own very personal aggressive manner which other leaders might have solved differently. Family businesses can either work extremely well or cause a lot of friction, therefore the report will commence with the startup of the company and conclude with their ultimate downfall as a family business and yet extremely successful multinational company. 2.3 Personal Attributes, Function & Relationship linked to The Warner Bros. 2.3.1 Functions There were three big studios active that had a monopoly in the motion......

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Bros Before Hos

...“Bros before Hos” Kimmel exposes many believes in which society tries to establish how boys have to behave during their childhood and youth to prove that they are masculine during their adult life’s in his “Bros Before Hos” article. He states that boys have been raised to abide by certain codes, for example, “Boys don’t cry” or “Taking it like a man” to be fully functional male adults. He also states that when men try to deter from the “code” they are automatically labeled as weak or turning their backs on their own kind. Although I agree with many of the points he makes, I will have to disagree when he implies that not much has changed in the aspect of men standing up for themselves or being themselves in fear of being out casted. I do agree 100% with his opinion when he states that the weak men need to speak up because that is the only way the male aggressors will stop being bullies and society would be a better place as a whole because as long as the silence remains unbroken nothing will ever change. Way before a boy is born they are already being molded to be men. As early as being in their mothers’ womb males are being taught to be masculine. Fathers are dreaming of their boys being athletes’ way before they are born. Baby showers don’t have hints of pink, instead, it is filled with blue and anything “male” related because pink represent femininity and weakness. Personally, I can’t comprehend why society choses blue to be the male dominant color. I would have......

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Code Switching

...Code Switching Code Switching, in terms of language, is the use of more than one language, by a person or more, during their conversations with each other. Code Switching is done simply because those persons know more than one language and have more than one language in common. This switch may last for a couple of sentences, for only a single phrase or may be only for a single word. It depends on how the persons take it with themselves and the others. In the article Code Switching it is written that “the switch is commonly made according to the subject of discourse, but may be for a variety of other reasons such as the mood of the speaker. For example, a person might only swear in French Language” ( 1 ). As described in the article Code Switching, there are number of situations why code switching occurs: A family that has recently immigrated to a country where a different language is spoken may switch back and forth between that language and their mother tongue, while they are learning the new language……...(this phenomenon is Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria)……………… Also, in countries with a large number of people from different ethnic backgrounds, communities will commonly switch between the language of their indigenous roots……….. code switching regularly happens between North American Mormon missionaries stationed overseas.”( 1 ) Because of the effectiveness of code switching it is widely used during our conversation. Code switching helps us to express......

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Google Code

...Using Google Code and SVN to Manager project Source Code Sep. 3 Project Source Code Manager on Google Code Using NetBean IDE and SVN 1 MrToanDH * C0907i * FptAptech Using Google Code and SVN to Manager project Source Code Sep. 3 Contents I. Google Code là gì? ............................................................................................................. 3 II. 4 bước để tạo Project trên Google Code:.......................................................................... 4 III. Thiết lập các chức năng cho project : ............................................................................. 7 1.Trang chủ project (Project Home) : ................................................................................ 7 2.Thêm và quản lý các thành viên của 1 project : ............................................................. 8 3.Chức năng download : .................................................................................................... 9 4.Xóa project : ................................................................................................................. 11 IV. Giới Thiệu Về Subversion: .............................................................................................. 12 V. 2 cách cơ bản để quản lý Source code với SVN : ............................................................ 13 1.Thao tác với file và Folder : .............................................................................................

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Bros Before Whores

...of inputs or goods, including capital goods as per DoR notification. (iii) Payment of service tax on procurement of services as per DoR notification 58. (iv) Payment of Customs Duty and fee as per paragraph 3.18 of this Policy * Exports of goods through courier or foreign post office using e-commerce, as notified in Appendix 3C, of FOB value upto Rs. 25000 per consignment will be entitled to benefits. * If the value of exports using e-commerce platform is more than Rs 25000 per consignment then MEIS reward would be limited to FOB value of Rs.25000 only. III. Conditions to be fulfilled to avail those benefits: * Notified goods/products * with ITC[HS] code, exports to notified markets * Listed in Appendix 3B. * Exports of notified goods/products with ITC[HS] code, to notified markets as listed in Appendix 3B. Service Export from India Scheme (SEIS) I. Objective: encourage export of notified Services from India. II. Conditions to be fulfilled to avail those benefits: * All tradable services under General Agreement on Trade in Services as per para 9.50 * To fall under a "Service Provider" (i) Supply of a ‘service’ from India to any other country; (Mode1- Cross border trade) (ii) Supply of a ‘service’ from India to service consumer(s) of any other country; (Mode 2-Consumption abroad) (iii) Supply of a ‘service’ from India through commercial presence in any other country. (Mode 3 – Commercial......

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...This  is  CS50.   Harvard  College  Fall  2010   Problem  Set  3:  The  Game  of  Fifteen     due  by  7:00pm  on  Fri  10/1     Per  the  directions  at  this  document’s  end,  submitting  this  problem  set  involves  submitting  source  code   on  as  well  as  filling  out  a  Web-­‐based  form  (the  latter  of  which  will  be  available  after   lecture  on  Wed  9/29),  which  may  take  a  few  minutes,  so  best  not  to  wait  until  the  very  last  minute,     lest  you  spend  a  late  day  unnecessarily.     Be  sure  that  your  code  is  thoroughly  commented   to  such  an  extent  that  lines’  functionality  is  apparent  from  comments  alone.       Goals.     •   Introduce  you  to  larger  programs  and  programs  with  multiple  source  files.   •   Empower  you  with  Makefiles.   •   Implement  a  party  favor.       Recommended  Reading.     •   Section  17  of   •   Chapters  20  and  23  of  Absolute  Beginner’s ......

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...States by corporations, institutions, and other organizations. For more information, please contact the Special Markets Department at the Perseus Books Group, 11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge MA 02142, or call (617) 252-5298, (800) 255-1514 or e-mail CIP catalog record for this book is available from the Library of Congress. ISBN-10: 0–465–03914–6 ISBN-13: 978–0–465–03914–2 06 07 08 09 / 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Code version 1.0 FOR CHARLIE NESSON, WHOSE EVERY IDEA SEEMS CRAZY FOR ABOUT A YEAR. Code version 2.0 TO WIKIPEDIA, THE ONE SURPRISE THAT TEACHES MORE THAN EVERYTHING HERE. C O N T E N T S Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the First Edition Chapter 1. Code Is Law Chapter 2. Four Puzzles from Cyberspace PART I: “REGULABILITY” ix xiii 1 9 Chapter 3. Is-Ism: Is the Way It Is the Way It Must Be? Chapter 4. Architectures of Control Chapter 5. Regulating Code PART II: REGULATION BY CODE 31 38 61 Chapter 6. Cyberspaces Chapter 7. What Things Regulate Chapter 8. The Limits in Open Code PART III: LATENT AMBIGUITIES 83 120 138 Chapter 9. Translation Chapter 10. Intellectual Property Chapter 11. Privacy Chapter 12. Free Speech Chapter 13. Interlude PART IV: COMPETING SOVEREIGNS 157 169 200 233 276 Chapter 14. Sovereignty Chapter 15. Competition Among Sovereigns 281 294 PART V: RESPONSES Chapter 16. The Problems We Face Chapter 17. Responses Chapter 18. What Declan Doesn’t Get Appendix Notes......

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Wilson Bros

...Introduction and Instructions You have recently been hired as the Director of Human Resources for Wilson Brothers Canada and have HR responsibility for all of the company’s Canadian operations. Bob and John Wilson have asked you to prepare a report for their review focusing specifically on organizational behavior within the company. Review the Wilson Brothers Case Scenario in depth and address only the required ten (10) topics listed below in your analysis report. This analysis report is the assignment. Marks are allocated for thoroughness of coverage of the ten required topics and their analysis-linkages to appropriate OB theories and practices from the course and external sources. It is not enough to just describe the happenings at Wilson Bros. Analysis should include the effectiveness of the current approach for each of the ten topics as well as recommendations for improvement in each. Use each topic as a heading in your analysis. While there are no page requirements for the analysis report include all relevant analysis and be concise. Edit carefully. Remember this is an Executive Summary for the owners of the company. The required ten (10) topics to be covered, and subjected to analysis, are: 1. Organizational Design and Structure (Advantages/Disadvantages). 2. Job Design (Use of job design principles to impact employee motivation and employee engagement). 3. Decision Making (How decisions are made and communicated). 4. Equity (Specific issues......

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...the best Bro I know • • • ' • • ' ' • • • • • • TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ix WHAT IS A BRO? ................... 1 BROCABULARY .................... 3 ORIGIN . ........................... 5 THE BRO CODE .................... 9 · · AMENDMENTS .................. 188 VIOLATIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 191 GLOSSARY ....................... 193 .. VII • ' • • ' ' • • • • • INTRODUCTION u .... her we know it or not, each of us lives a life governed by an internalized code of conduct. Some call it morality. Others call it religion. I call it "the Bro Code." For centuries men have attempted to follow this code with no universal understanding of what such an arrangement meant: Is it okay to hug a Bro?-'} If I'm invited to a Bro's wedding, do I really have to bring a gift?t Can I sleep with a Bro's sister or mother or both?* Now, for the first time on paper, I have recorded the rules of social decorum that Bros have practiced since the dawn of man ... if not before. The Bro Code previously existed only as an oral tradition (heh), so I have journeyed the globe to piece *Never. t Nope. ~ Dude. Come on. • • • lX ' • • together and transcribe the scattered fragments of the Bro Code, pausing only to flesh it out myself (double heh). While not intending to write a "Guide to Being a Bro," if......

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Wilson Bro Asgn 1 eligible employees to commute to work and personal uses. This program will attract the employees who are eligible for this program and make them stay longer, maybe forever since they will have a ride to work. Some recommendations I would improve on the reward plan is when recognizing the hard workers in corporate, division and region offices, they should also include those who work hard in the restaurant too. A new reward that I would like to add is awarding gifts such as plane tickets for high position people in the company and gift cards for employees of the month. With more valued rewards, it will make more people wanting to join the McDonald’s team. After reviewing the Wilson Bros case scenario, I would like to recommend some of the rewards McDonald’s has to them because Wilson Bros company is lacking on rewards and having short-term incentives, long-term incentives and recognition program would really help the company keep their employees happy so they can stay for a longer period of time. They didn’t even have bonuses for other employees, the only “bonus” the employees get is the commission they receive on sales target achievement and market share improvement. References McDonald's. (2016, June 6). Retrieved from Mcdonald's. (2016, June......

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...Cleveland State University | Name: | Jadira Yacila | Course: | ACT 451: Auditing | Term: | Spring 2012 | Assignment: | Code 3 | Date: | 4/4/2012 | 1. Access the glossary (Master Glossary) to answer the following. a. What is the definition of “ordinary income” (loss) (740-270-20) Ordinary income (or loss) refers to income (or loss) from continuing operations before income taxes (or benefits) excluding significant unusual or infrequently occurring items. Extraordinary items, discontinued operations, and cumulative effects of changes in accounting principles are also excluded from this term. The term is not used in the income tax context of ordinary income versus capital gain. The meaning of unusual or infrequently occurring items is consistent with their use in the definition of the term extraordinary item. Ordinary income is income (or loss) exclusively from operations. Taxes expenses are not deducted. It does not include capital gains, or any other gain that could be infrequent or unusual. b. What is an error in previously issued financial statements? (250-10-20) An error in recognition, measurement, presentation, or disclosure in financial statements resulting from mathematical mistakes, mistakes in the application of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), or oversight or misuse of facts that existed at the time the financial statements were prepared. A change from an accounting principle that is not generally accepted to one that is...

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