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1. The different levels of organization are listed as follows:
Cell- the structural and functional unit of all living things
Tissue – a group of cells with a common structure and function
Organ – composed of tissues functioning together for a specific task
Organ System – composed of several organs working together
Organism – an individual; complex individuals contain organ systems.
Population – organisms of the same species in a particular area.

2. 7 basic characteristics of life are as follows :
Are organized – we are all organized in different groups according to our working class states.
Acquire material and energy – we all learn to gather food and utilize energy to be productive.
Reproduce – in order to continue to as mankind we procreate thus reproducing to not die out.
Grow and Develop – in order to be a productive member of this existence we learn and grow by evolving i.e... From infancy to adulthood
Are homeostatic – in order to function in a more complex environment our bodies learn to adapt by regulating our body temperature to ensure we do not cease to survive.
Respond to stimuli – when we accidently drop an object on our toe we respond by exclaiming a loud remark thus responding to external stimuli.
Have an evolutionary history – we have an evolutionary history by adapting and changing with time in order to survive rather than become extinct.

3. As stated by Mader and Windelspecht, (2012), “All living things on Earth are part of the biosphere, a living network that spans the surface of the Earth into the soil and seas.” (p. 8).

4. The purpose of the scientific method is to acquire the best known knowledge by a series of experiments and hypotheses in order to arrive at a methodical solution that can be shown to be factual or unfactual based on the removal of scientific proof as it relates to theories.

5. The…...

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...¡Deja que se escuche tu voz! Give your input on the draft of our new privacy policy. [ ¡Ayúdanos con las traducciones! ] cerrar Bruce Lee Commons-emblem-question book orange.svg Este artículo o sección necesita referencias que aparezcan en una publicación acreditada, como revistas especializadas, monografías, prensa diaria o páginas de Internet fidedignas. Puedes añadirlas así o avisar al autor principal del artículo en su página de discusión pegando: {{subst:Aviso referencias|Bruce Lee}} ~~~~ Bruce Lee Bruce Lee - son.jpg Bruce Lee y su hijo Brandon en 1966. Nombre real Lee Jun Fan Nacimiento Bandera de los Estados Unidos San Francisco, Estados Unidos 27 de noviembre de 1940 Fallecimiento Bandera de la República Popular China Hong Kong, China 20 de julio de 1973 (32 años) Ocupación Maestro de artes marciales, actor, filósofo y escritor Familia Cónyuge Linda Emery Hijo/s Brandon Bruce (1965–1993) Shannon Emery (1969) Bruce Lee Sitio oficial Bruce Lee en Facebook Bruce Lee en Twitter Bruce Lee (chino tradicional: 李小龍, chino simplificado: 李小龙, pinyin: Lǐ Xiăolóng —nacido Lee Jun-fan (chino: 李振藩, pinyin: Lǐ Zhènfān)— San Francisco, 27 de noviembre de 1940 - Hong Kong, 20 de julio de 1973) fue un destacado y carismático artista marcial, actor y filósofo de origen chino, catalogado como el más famoso del siglo XX por la perfección que logró en el desarrollo del kung fu y responsable de la apertura de las artes marciales chinas a Occidente. Índice [ocultar]...

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