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BSHS 325

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For my case study is about on Tina who is a 45 year old female with three children. Tina’s relationships have changed from young adulthood to now. Her children live in her house with her. Her ex-husband left Tina for a attractive female who younger than Tina. Therefore, Tina very cares about her appearance. She takes a lot times to work out at the gym. She is not satisfied with her progress at the gym so she has increased her exercising routine to 4 hours a day. Because of it, she don’t have much of a social life.

Tina spends a lot of time away Michael, whom she has been dating for 5 years. She is obsessed with exercising and the way she looks is affecting their relationship. Michael wants to marry her, but he also worry about her life style. Michael is not sure how much longer he can stay if Tina cannot spend much time for their relationship. He doesn’t want be to alone time with Tina with the others in the house and her exercising routine. So when Tina asks Michaels motives and has trust issues because of her past relationship. She thinks she is not that attractive and Michael may betray her like her past relationship. She hurts a lot from her past relationship. After her ex-husband left her for younger women her role changed and she began to exercise daily and focus on her appearance. She also thinks that Michael is too old for her, even though he is her same age. That because her ex husband chose a younger female over her. That is low self esteem which caused her to have trust issues.

When she was with her ex husband and it was a different story in her life then in her now middle age. Her middle adulthood is now consumed with daily exercise and her life with Michael. Currently Tina has a healthy physical life by exercising daily. That helps decrease diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and even obesity. It also helps to look and feel healthy. However, her social life and self-esteem are lacking. She has no time for her relationship. If she cannot get past what happened in her past relationship, then it may be hard for her to trust and commit to another one. She needs to change her life style. Enjoy herself more and put more time for the social life with Michael and others Tina and Michael need to speed more time together. Or she might consider getting help for her obsessive and even counseling for her and Michael. This would put Tina in a better path for success.…...

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