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BSN Professionally Moving Forward Annemarie Rivaldo-Lindner The College at Brockport State University of New York

Introduction It is a matter of professional choice at this point. Registered nurses can either, continue their education and earn a baccalaureate, or remain licensed with their associate degree. Both of these degrees allow a registered nurse to take the same exam for licensure. The level of education has proven that those who have completed a higher degree earn more money and have more opportunity for advancement. The registered nurse by some may be viewed more as a trade and not a profession, if those nurses have completed the level of associate degree. There is action being and been taken by other countries to make it mandatory for registered nurses to receive their baccalaureate in order to become licensed and practice. Baccalaureate nursing has proven better patient outcomes, than by those registered nurses licensed with an associate degree. Baccalaureate registered nurses earn a higher salary and have more opportunity for advancement; they are able to handle situations which require critical thinking skills and a more complex patient assignment.

Pro’s and Con’s There are points in which an associate degree registered nurse will remain just that. The registered nurse role is extremely demanding. The idea of working 8-12 hours a day as a registered nurse in an emergency room is exhausting. When adding the responsibilities of being a mother or father (sometimes single parenting), along with spouse and household responsibilities, a person has much less personal time. Trying to add school and more student loans to that is not at all something that would make a person jump up and say, “Pick me”. Life becomes extremely…...

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