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BUSI 2701 D

Assignment # 1 – Business Report - Country Analysis

You are an executive working at a large Canadian company that is considering expanding its foreign operations. The CEO has asked you to do an analysis of one of the target countries and provide a recommendation as to whether or not to proceed. Please note that you are being asked to do a general analysis of the country. You are not doing the analysis based on any one company or industry. The CEO is a very busy person so it is important that the report be written in a clear and concise manner. It will be judged on the factual information it contains, the clarity of your argument and the depth of your analysis. Please note that you should not try to gather data that supports only one side or the other of whether or not to proceed. Rather, you should gather all the pertinent data and let your analysis guide you to the best recommendation.

The report is to be submitted via CU Learn, due on the date indicated in the course outline. The paper is to be a maximum of seven (7) pages (doubled spaced, 12 pt font, 2.54 cm margins) plus title page, references, endnotes, and appendices if any. If the report is longer than seven pages, only the first seven pages will be read and graded. The title page must contain your name, student number and the country you have chosen from the list provided. The first half page (maximum) of the report will be an executive summary of the report’s highlights and your recommendation. The remainder of the seven pages will cover the material noted in the rubric below with marks allocated as shown. Do not forget to number the pages in your report. You should use the items (left-hand column) listed in the rubric as headings in your report.

The report must cite at least six different sources, which could include resources from the globalEDGE Website…...

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