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The Art of Effective Listening

Paying close attention to, and making sense of, what we hear (The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen E. Lucas)

Listening is an active process of “Receiving”, “Understanding”, “Remembering, “Evaluating”, and “Responding”. Listening is cyclic, responses of one person serves as the stimuli for the other. (The Interpersonal Book by Joseph A. Devito)

Difference between hearing and listening: Class Demonstration

Importance of Listening:

• Nearly all Top notch business executives, successful politicians and brilliant teachers are excellent listener. • Effective listeners hold higher positions and are promoted more often than others. • When business managers rank-order the communication skills most crucial to their jobs, they usually rank listening number one. • In one survey of Fortune 500 companies of America, almost 60 percent of the respondents said that they provide some kind of listening training for their employees. • Close to 90% of class time in colleges and universities is spent listening to discussions and lectures. • A number of studies have shown a strong correlation between listening and academic success. • Students with higher grades are usually those with strongest listening skills.

• Listening is also important as speaker, it is probably the way you get most of your ideas and information—from talk shows, lectures, seminars etc. • If you do not listen well, you will not understand what you hear and may pass along your misunderstanding to others.

Purposes of Listening: 1 - To gain new information / Ideas Lectures, informative indoctrination

2 - To quest and test evidence and assumptions: Good listeners test facts, opinions, assumptions and then question the speaker.

3 - To be inspired: Enthusiasm,…...

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