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Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study Part 4: Marketing a business
Introduction to Business – BUS100001041

Christopher Bell

Instructor: Professor McNeil
Strayer University

December 1, 2010

Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study Part 4: Marketing a business

Explain why Sears or Wal-mart cannot effectively create a trendy counterculture image.

Businesses such as Wal-mart or Sears are built around serving the most products to as many customers possible. Let’s start with Wal-mart. In 2010, Wal-mart served customers more than 200 million times a week at more than 8,600 stores around the world. You may recall hearing several mission statements in the many years of Wal-mart business. In early years Mr. Sam Walton was heard “To give ordinary folk the chance to buy the same thing as rich people.” This statement has evolved throughout the years into many slogans, but for most part they continue on with the same concepts. “Help people save money so they live better” and “Always low prices” are two more recent examples.
Sears mission statement states “To grow our business by providing quality products and services at great value when and where our customers want them, and by building positive, lasting relationships with our customers.” If we look into the meaning of trendy counterculture the layers of the onion begin to peal back and we can get a better understanding of why these two giants are unable to capture that market. Trendy relates to fads and bandwagon type of items. Counterculture refers to the lifestyle and values opposed to those of the normal culture. Countercultural persons are typically very independent and free of what everyone else is doing. This is easily seen today in clothing. Many people buy clothing articles that appear to have been worn and torn by someone prior to them making the purchase. This…...

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