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Musically Infinite, LLC Business Plan

Terrance P. Carson
1990 Jonesboro Road
McDonough, Georgia 30253
(770) 777-9311 November 16, 2012

A. Executive Summary 4
A1. Business Identification: 4
A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives: 5
A3. Keys to Success: 5
B. Company Summary 9
B1. Industry History: 9
B2. Legal Form of Ownership: 11
B3. Location and Facilities: 11
B4: Management Structure: 15
B5. Products and Service: 17
C. Market Analysis 19
C1: Target Market 19
C2: Industry Analysis 20
C3: Competitive Analysis 22
D. Market Strategy 25
D1: 4Ps. 25
D2: Price List- 28
D3: Selling Strategy- 29
D4: Sales Forecast- 30
E. Implementation Strategy 33
E1. Overall Strategy- 33
E2. Implementation- 36
E3. Control Plan- 2
F. Financial Statements and Projections 41
F1. Revenue and Cost Estimate- 41
F2. Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement 42
F3. Forecasted Balance Sheet- 44
G1. Financial Projections 45 G1a- Breakeven Point- 46 G1b-Financial Position: 48 G1c-Capital/Investment Needs: 49
References 509

A. Executive Summary A1. Business Identification Musically Infinite, LLC will operate as a Music Production Company providing a state of the art music production studio for creating, recording and mastering of recorded tracks. This production company will also provide state of the art video studios for videography, which has proven to be an invaluable asset to artist branding in the 21rst century. Musically Infinite will operate a remote location whose sole purpose is to serve as a data warehouse for the storage of the confidential digital media created. Musically Infinite’s primary campus will be conveniently located at 2300 Jackson street in Henry County Georgia, just south of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, making it easily accessible to incoming visitors and…...

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