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Module Outline

Who is my audience?


Why is audience so important? ●●

What do I need to know about my audience?


How do I use audience analysis? ●●

What if my audiences have different needs?


How do I reach my audience? Module Summary
Assignments for Module 2
Polishing Your Prose: Comma

02Locker_mod02.indd 18

Adapting Your Messages to Your Audience
Learning Objectives
After reading and applying the information in Module 2, you’ll be able to demonstrate

Knowledge of

The audiences who may evaluate your business messages
The variables of the communication process
The importance of adapting your message to your audience
Audience analysis

Skills to

Analyze your audience when composing messages
Begin to shape the content, organization, and form of your messages to meet audience needs

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Adapting Your Messages to Your Audience


Employability Skills 2000+ Checklist
Module content builds these Conference Board of Canada Employability Skills 2000+


Be Adaptable

Think and Solve Problems

Learn Continuously

Demonstrate Positive Attitudes and

Work with Others

Audience analysis is fundamental to the success of any message: to capture and hold an audience’s attention, and to motivate readers and listeners, you must shape your message to meet the audience’s interests, and needs.


Who is My Audience?

Your audience may include many people.
In an organizational setting, a message may have five audiences.
1. The initial audience—your supervisor or the client, for example—receives the message first and routes it to other audiences. Sometimes the initial audience also tells you to write the message.
2. The primary audience—your supervisor, or the…...

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