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Business Etiquettes in France

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Case Analysis

Sun Medical Systems, INC

Table of Contents

Summary 2

1. Situation Analysis 2

2. Problem Analysis 3

3. Decision Analysis 5

A. Maintain Status-quo 6 B. Move to a different department or organization 6 C. Verify her stories and then decide the next course of action 6

Plan of Action 7

A. Prepare for the crucial Conversation 7


The objective of the case analysis to apply the SA-PA-DA-PA (Situation Analysis, Problem Analysis, Decision Analysis and Plan of Action) framework to find out the right course of action for Shabana Jabeen of Sun Medical systems. Shabana feels frustrated and stagnated at her job in spite of her division doing exceptionally well and her contributions to the growth of the division are widely acknowledged by the Management.

The case analysis has been structured in 4 sections as per the SA-PA-DA-PA methodology.

Situation Analysis

Situation analysis is defined as a process that examines a situation, its elements, and their relations, and that is intended to provide and maintain a state of situation awareness for the decision maker. A situation analysis defines and interprets the state of the environment of a person or organization and provides the context and knowledge for planning.

Examining Shabana’s situation we come across the following facts –

I. Shabana has been a top student and an exceptional employee for Sun Medical Syste for 12 years.

II. For last 18 months Shabana has been Director of Strategic Planning for the Hospital Supply Division and has delivered excellent results for the division.

III. The Hospital Supply Division of Sun Medical Systems is a great place to work with its good products, committed employees and immense growth prospects.

IV. Shabana is a valued…...

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