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GAC012 Assessment Event 2: Project-Written Report

Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Product/Service

Student’s Name: Kevin
Student ID #: QING21228
Teacher: Ben Charlton
Due Date: 17 September 2012
Word Count: 1897
Table of Contents Executive summary: 1

Introduction: 1

Methods: 3

Finding: 3

Discussion: 5

Conclusions and Recommendations: 6

References: 8

Appendices: 9

Executive summary:
This report will contribute to recommend two different market mixes for Versace which include produce a new line for young child and provide free-clean service, and by collected data, the report will get a conclusion which market mix is better. The questionnaire will is used to collect data from people age between 35 at 55. Then the collected data will be analyzed if parents willing to buy expensive clothes for their young child and if free-clean service can attract more customers. The result of analyzing collected data shows that parents don’t want to buy expensive clothes for their children and it will be attractive if each Versace Store provides free-clean service.
The report find even though Versace young can create a new field for Versace, but it not deserve the cost of money. So providing free-clean service is more suitable for Versace.
1.1 Objectives of the research:
In this research, the main point is to find if parents would like to buy expensive baby cloths to their little baby and if customers think it will be attractive that Versace provides free clean service. By the collected data from questionnaires, this report will contribute on determining which market mix is more useful for Versace’s development.
1.2.1 Uses and applications:
Versace is not a company only sale exclusive clothes, its sale range also include Spa, hotel etc, but clothe is the…...

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