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BUSINESS – Level 3
UNIT 2: Business Resources
Irene Medina

Describe the main employability, person and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role * A description of one specific job within the organisation0. This could relate to one of the job description used above, You must describe the following skills that are required by the job you have found at Tesco:

* Employability skills * Personal skills * Communication skills * (P2)


Skills are very important when applying for a job in today’s day and age, it is basically essential you have enough skills. This is because the employer wants to make sure that the applicant is suitable for the specific job role. The skills you have, show what kind of person you will be when working. The skills are split up into three categories which are employability skills, personal skills and communication skills.

The speciality of merchandisers at Tesco is that they have a great sense of marketing, promotion and advertising techniques. Merchandisers make sure that the product you like price is within your budget, colour of your choice and the store has a stock of the particular product.
At Tesco’s merchandisers are really important people. They are responsible for ensuring that products appear in the right store, or on a website, at the appropriate time and in the correct amounts. This includes working closely with the buying teams to accurately forecast trends, plan stock levels and monitor performance.
While the buyer selects the lines, the merchandiser decides how much money should be spent, how many lines should be bought, and in what quantities. In smaller companies, the same person may be responsible for both buying and merchandising.
Merchandisers at Tesco play an important role, as profitability can be…...

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