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Concert Report 1 I attended the Musica Viva string quartet on Sunday February 23, 2014. The Quartet included Susan Doering and Daniel Jang on the violins, Claudia Shiuh on the viola, and Dieter Wuldhorst on the violoncello. This concert was made possible by the Friends of Orpheus and is dependent entirely on donations The concert hall was quite small and seated about 200. Attending the concert was about 65 people. That consisted of children, students, and older community members. When I came into the hall the lights were on in the entire hall. As I began to sit down the lights started to dim. Excluding the stage where a light was laminated the four seats for the quartet. The director came in and began to introduce the quartet as to give a little detail on the program. The director excited the stage and the quartet entered. As they took their seats they began to tune there instrument’s. There first selection was Aaron Coplands Two Pieces. It was a very soft relaxing piece. Susan Doering took the position of first violin. Her movements were very soft and graceful. The harmony was consonance and made a feeling of being relaxed and sad at the same time.
There next piece was Phillip Glass string quartet No. 5. I have to say that the pace was just a little faster. In this piece I really enjoyed the plucking of the strings. It made the piece fun and light. At the same time it was so relaxing to sit there and listen to. It almost put me to sleep. Thank goodness for brief intermission or I would have fallen asleep.
After the intermission it began just the same. Thin diming of the lights ans laminating of the seats. Except this time Daniel Jang took place at the lead violin. He is the youngest in the group and had been playing since he was 7 years old. This last piece that Daniel took the lead of was Felix Mendelssohn’s String Quartet No. 3 in D major, op. 44, No. 1. After…...

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