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Business Strategy of Cafe de Coral

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Business Strategy Group Project (Café De Coral)

Introduction • Café de Coral Group is a listed company at • • the Hong Kong Stock Exchange The group has over 580 operational units Own different brand name: Oliver’s Super Sandwiches, Spaghetti House, Bristol M, Ah Yee Leng Tong…



Introduction • Focus on Café de Coral fast food shop • They opened its first shop in Causeway Bay • Over 140 shops, serving more than 300,000
Hong Kong customers daily

Original Vision

No vision statements in current!



Original Mission Statements
“To establish Café de Coral Holdings as a distinguished corporation in the food and catering industry as the world’s largest Chinese quick service restaurant group, maintaining a publicly recognized leadership position in the mass-market, quick service restaurant chain business, with vertical and horizontal diversification towards the food services, food processing and distribution, catering and hospitality sectors in the world arena.”

Proposed Vision

To be the fast food market leader and the best customer choice in Hong Kong!



Proposed Mission
We suggest to add two new elements on top of the existing mission statement: • Provide the best quality food to customer at reasonable price • To build strong public image by our quality services

Summary of External Assessment
1 2 3 4 5 Overall market size increasing Low labor cost Technology advancement Family Structure & Lifestyle changes Low negotiation power of supplier

1 2 3 4 5 High competitive intensity High negotiation power of customer Government Policy Swine Flu / Bird Flu outbreak Low barrier of entry



Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)
CAFÉ DE CORAL Critical Success Factors Market share Price Competitiveness Financial position Product quality Consumer…...

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