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Busniss 258 Week 5 You Decideassignment

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After reviewing the current problem, I have come to the decision that I want to investigate the complaint of my customers further. In order to understand if there really is a problem I began with speaking with key members of my company to find their opinions on the current customer complaints and their thoughts as to what they believe we should do.

Upon speaking with these five members two of which believe that we should take these complaints seriously while the other three believe there is no real issue and that the sales team and better training needs to be implemented. After further review I have decided upon the following.

First I have decided we should take into the fact that these customer complaints, though few and have cost the company little money, needs to be taken seriously. I have made the decision based off of the information given to me from my Sales Manager, Bob Yeader and my Customer Service Representative, Monica Milton. I have chosen to take their advice because these two people interact with the customers on a daily basis and I trust that they know what they are talking about and the fact that these complaints are a serious problem.

Upon speaking with Monica Milton I realize that it is true that we have lost new customers and I do know they are a small part of our business but the fact is we expended a lot of energy to get them and that is what I want. Along with this she has informed me that some of our current customers are asking about more and better service thus making me realize we need to put some focus into retaining the current customers.

I want to be able to make sure my current and most loyal customers are happy and satisfied with the service I have provided them and I want to be able to reach out to those unattainable customers and snatch their attention, I want them to not just chose my company but to know that the…...

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