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Chapter Five

Business Communication: Creating and Delivering Messages that Matter

Review Questions

1. What are the 6 main barriers to effective communication? Which barriers are easiest to surmount? Why?

2. Why is nonverbal communication so important? How can you tell when nonverbal communication is effective?

3. Why is active, effective listening difficult for many people? What are 5 strategies for improving listening skills within the American culture?

4. What factors should you consider when you choose a communication channel for your messages? Should you always use the richest channel? Why or why not?

5. When you develop messages, what factors should you consider as you choose your words? Which considerations do you think are most important? Why?

6. How should the needs and expectations of your reader affect the structure of your writing? Why does it matter?

7. What steps can you take to create a smooth, conversational tone for your writing?

8. Why do so many people ignore or delete email messages? How can you boost the chances that your target audience will read your message?

9. What are your options for creating an effective opening “hook” for a verbal presentation? Why is humor not always the best approach?

10. How can you mitigate speech anxiety?

Application Questions

1. Imagine that you’re working as a video game developer at the Chicago office of Electronic Arts (EA). Your boss recently offered you an excellent opportunity to transfer to the EA development studio in Tokyo, Japan. You are certain that this…...

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