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Buying & Selling of Immovable Properties

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Business Law Assignment

Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Buying and Selling of Immovable property




Immovable Property………………………………………………..7

Various Laws Related To Immovable Property……………………8

Acquisition and Transfer Of Immovable Property In India……….12

Transfer Property Act – 1882……………………………………...15
Transfer Property Act – 1882(Amendment- 2002)………………..16
Buying and Selling procedure……………………………………..23

Sale and Purchase

• Tips For Selling Property…………………………………...26

• Tips While Buying Property………………………………..27

Legal Documents…………………………………………………...30

India's Land Disputes

• Whistling Woods International……………………….36

• Case against builder Hiranandani…………………………….37

• POSCO Case………………………………………………….39

Case Study: Singur Tata Land Controversy………………………....42

Recent News…………………………………………………………47



This project talks about the Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Buying and Selling of Immovable property. Immovable Property can be described as land, benefits arising out of land and things attached to the earth, or permanently fastened to anything attached to the earth. There are a number of acts which adhere to the issues relating to immovable property, but the main acts is Transfer Property Act – 1882.The act states the legal aspects related to buying and selling of immovable property.

There have been a number of cases in the recent past related to Immovable Property namely- Whistling Woods Case, Case against builder Hiranandani, and Case study of Singur land.


The Indian Judiciary is partly a continuation of the British legal system…...

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