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Cedar shavings disguise other odors, carbon filters and an Ozone generator (neutralise the fragrance.)
Air conditioner water (don't leak outside, the water contains cannabis fragrance.)
Hot air into water then sink/toilet

Pro-cannabis arguments
DEA and FDA criticise the use of herbs as medicine, they say that plants contain a variable mix of compounds and cannot provide a precisely defined drug effect. According to the pharma industry, medicines are synthetic, single-ingredient “silver bullets” that focus upon solitary metabolic pathways in our physiological systems.

Herbalists, however – applaud the poly-pharmacy of herbal remedies and claim two advantages over single-ingredient drugs: The multiple mechanisms may work to improve therapeutic activity in a cumulative or synergistic manner. Herbs may also contain compounds that mitigate the side effects of their predominant active ingredients.

Thus, cannabis has been characterised as a “synergistic shotgun” in contrast with synthetic, single-ingredient “silver bullets.”

The many ingredients modulate our health via several metabolic pathways, gently nudging our system towards homeostasis. This kind of “multitasking” makes cannabis impossible to evaluate, according to the pharma industry. But multitasking avoids the unbalanced distortion of solitary metabolic pathways as produced by synthetic, single-ingredient silver bullets such as Virox.

Cannabis list of ingredients:
THC – Tetrahydrocannabiol is a “new” molecule that evolved within the past 34 million years. Botanists speculate that it evolved as a toxin to deter herbivores, but this evolutionary strategy was diverted when THC became attractive to humans.

THC works in humans by mimicking an endogenous compound that our own bodies make, called anandamide, it binds to anandamide's receptors called cannabinoid (CB) receptors.

Research indicates that CB receptors evolved in primitive organisms about 600 million years ago, as with all chicken and egg questions, the pair of protagonists probably had evoltuionary predeccesors. CH receptors may have become “vestigial”, analogous to an appendix, only to be reactiviated when Homo sapiens discovered cannabis.

+When THC or anandamide activate CB receptors, the CB receptors activiate G-proteins. G-proteins are microscopic messengers that migrate around cells and modulate a variety of ion channels and enzymes. CB receptors associate with different subtypes of G-proteins such as Gi and Gs subtypes. The I and S abbreviate inhibitor and stimulator, which describe the opposite effect these G-proteins have on their targets. Research has shown that different cannabinoids preferentially activiate different subtypes of G-proteins, explaining why different strains produce different highs.

Because of it's mix of ingredients, cannabis causes fewer psychological side effects (anxiety and panic reactions) than pure, synthetic THC (Marinol). Cannabis may alleviate this anxiety due to the presence of terpenoids, terpenoids are volatile and possess sedactive properties when inhaled, including limonene, linalool, cotrinelol and terpineol. Terpenoids may also mitigate memory loss caused by pure THC, Terpenoids increase brain acetylcholine activity. This mechanism is shared by tacrine, a drug used for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Terpenoids act on other receptors and neurotransmitters. Some terpenoids act as serotonin uptake inhibitors (as does Prozac) and augment the neurotransmitter GABA (as does Valium). Terpenoids produce anti-inflammatory effects in the respiratory tract. Their presence in cannabis smoke may explain why inhaling cannabis smoke causes less airway irritation and inflammation than inhaling pure THC. Limonene blocks the carcinogenesis induced by “tar” generated from the combustion of herb. Limonene is currently undergoing tests for the treatment of several types of cancer.

Tolerance and addiction to cannabis is uncommon, in part because THC is a “partial agonist.” Agonists are compounds that stimulate receptors and partial agonists can only partially activiate receptors. Perhaps the best medicines are partial agonists, they steer us away from disease but our innate healing mechanisms are still required to restore us to complete health.


The “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations [Act]” laws were enacted to break up the Mafia. Today, RICO laws are used against growers and non-growers alike, under these laws a person that advises a grower to “water in the morning” is equally guilty of growing the cannabis garden, even if he never saw the garden.

The new “Homeland Security Act” further erodes personal rights of individuals. Never visit or telephone other growers, if visitng another grow room that grower can implicate you with circumstantial evidence and you are considered as guilty as the grower.

Law enforcement must have a search warrant to use infrared of thermo imaging to secure a search warrant. But if they have a search warrant such high-tech snooping is perfectly legal.

2001, Supreme Court vs Oregon Resident Danny Kyllo – The use of a thermal imaging device constitutes an illegal search.…...

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