Caring Billy

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Caring Billy
In were The Red Fern Grows, Billy loves his family so much, that he walks two days to the city to get himself some dogs and he trains them very well and enters them in the hunt and win a lot money so he can let his mom’s dream come true of moving to the city. So Billy’s the kind of person who will go out of his way to make his family happy.
One example Billy would risk his life every single day by staying up most of the night in pure darkness. Billy went to the city to get dogs, to train them very well, so he trained his dogs every single day so he could enter them in the hunt, so he could win money so his mom could pursue her dreams of moving to the city Another example is Billy risked his life by walking two days to the city and while he was walking he almost got killed by a panther. Billy new his mom and dad wouldn’t want him to walk two days to the city and almost get killed by a panther, but he walked to the city anyway to win money for his mom. A final example is again Billy risked his life in the hunt from possibly being killed by a wild animal or he could have frozen to death. Billy would dedicate his time to train his dogs so they could learn how to hunt and bring in the big bucks. Even though Billy doesn’t always do the right thing it’s mostly for his family and he would do anything for his family. So he’s the type of person who will go out of his way to make his family happy I knew this because when he said to his dogs “look I know this is hard but I’m doing this for momma just please keep…...

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