Carl Robins Case Study

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Case Analysis
Carl Robins and ABC Incorporated COMM/215
July 9, 2012

Case Analysis

Carl Robins knew his life would change with the new recruiter position for ABC, Incorporated; Carl was promoted to his position six months ago. Carl hired 15 new employees to work for Mrs. Monica Carroll’s operations department. Carl is experiencing multiple situations that need his immediate attention, but the problem is that Carl has no idea what to do next. Carl Robins was not ready to be solely responsible for this new position. He lacked the proper training, knowledge, time management, and skills to successfully perform his duties as a recruiter.

Everything was falling into place for Carl Robins; he had received a promotion to become the new recruiter for ABC Incorporated. Even though Carl was new to the recruiting position, within six months, he managed to hire 15 new employees for the company. On May 15 the operations supervisor, Monica Carroll contacted Carl about the issues that needed to be addressed regarding the new hire orientation. Carl assures Monica that everything was handled, with the new hires and the orientation. Carl lack of experience as a recruiter he did not start the necessary preparations for the new hires orientation until late May, after Memorial Day. Carl is faced with some tough challenges while finalizing the new hires paperwork; he noticed several important steps had been missed. On top of the missing information from the new hires file, he also noticed there were only three manuals that did not have the proper information and discovered that the training room would be booked for the entire month of June. Carl is stuck with problems and no solutions.

Key problems
The first problem was the lack of proper training of his new position. A recruiter must have significant experience in various…...

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