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1. What’s your opinion regarding forced ranking performance appraisals? Do they motivate employees? Explain.

While at first I would somewhat agree with forced ranking performance appraisals, from a management and leadership perspective in order to assess who deserves merit for recognition, pay raises and promotions. But from an employees’ point of view, it can be very demotivating if one finds themselves at the lower end of the spectrum. Instrumentality may be negative and affect overall job security and satisfaction. Individuals may not perceive the forced ranking system as fair when being compared to their coworkers and inputs may vary from person to person. Overall, I feel that forced ranking does not motivate employees as there are a variety of factors to include that may each weigh differently (i.e. job experience, EI, reliability, productivity, quality, etc.). 2. How would equity theory explain some employees’ negative reactions to forced rankings? Explain.

The equity theory explains some employees’ negative reactions from forced rankings by changing an employees’ inputs, how much effort to invest into their current job. The attitudes or mindsets of employees’ may change, that job security is more important than a raise. Or, the employee may just decide to resign from their current job position due to annoyance or perceived inequalities. The equity theory centers on overall pay as the outcome.

3. Based on Chapter 5, if you decided not to use forced rankings at your company, how would you motivate employees?

I would use the goal setting theory, where a specific target is implemented for the employee. It is a conscious goal that influences motivation to be geared towards a desired outcome. By being specific with the goal and having a plan of action of how to attain that goal, employees and managers can gauge and…...

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