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Case Study-Essentials of Effective Team

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This case study illustrates the concept of essentials for an effective team and what all are the key ingredients needed to make the team effective and efficient. The key topics covered in this case study are uniformity and consistent goal of team and organization, supportive business environment, team based performance and contribution of each member to the group i.e creating a synergy effect. These key topics are essential for the success of the team.

For a successful team based performance competence and commitment to a goal are very important. In order to be successful the team members should be competent i.e should have talent, knowledge, organizational clout, experience and technical know how needed to get the job done. Thus effective team is composed of people who collectively bring all critical competencies to the effort.

Team members should have clear and common goal i.e team members goal should be aligned with the organizational goal. In order to have clarity of goal among each team member the concept of ‘’elevator speech’’ can be used.

Commitment to a common goal is another ingredient to make the team effective because commitment is a visceral quality that motivates them to do the work and to keep working when the going gets tough therefore understanding the goal is easy but being committed to the goal is tough therefore each member should be committed to attain the goal. Commitment to the common goal is more easily achieved if the number of team members is small and one of the ways which the organization can use to make members committed for long time can be rewards or continuous performance appraisal.

Every member should contribute i.e willingness to share information and experiences among each team member could be beneficial. Every team member should contribute to the teams work and should…...

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