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Cause Marketing

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Cause Marketing - "Do Well by Doing Good"
Executive Summary
Companies face challenge to “out advertise” or “out differentiate” its brand when markets are becoming almost undifferentiated. At this time, creating an emotional connection with the customers seems most difficult task at hand. In the market place where customer and societal expectations are changing rapidly requiring constant innovation of new ideas, products and services, strategy and social responsibility provide the shortest route to an organization’s success. Therefore, cause branding provides an effective alternative to enhance brand equity by associating brand with an appealing cause. This project explores effectiveness of cause related marketing strategy and tries to find the answer to the question “How it impact to brand building?”
It gives brief introduction to the concept of cause branding, its definition and difference between cause marketing and corporate philanthropy and corporate sponsorships. Then, it tells about the inception of cause marketing, its evolution into cause branding and need for cause related marketing, collected primary data analysis and secondary data examples which benefited from this marketing strategy.

Creating brand equity is the most powerful weapon in a company’s armor to beat the competition. In the fiercely competitive market place of today where customer and societal expectations are changing rapidly requiring constant innovation of new ideas, products and services, strategy and social responsibility provide the shortest route to an organization’s success. In recent times, corporate social responsibility has gained lot of importance among companies because of its long-term benefits. Companies should be responsible to the society for their activities and owe to the environment in which they operate.
An increasing…...

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