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Ceo Succesion Strategy

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JRGZ Company

October 23th, 2012
Mexico, Distrito Federal
To: JRGZ Company Board of Directors

JRGZ Company announcement

After leading the company for nine years, in the CEO position, I´m announcing my intention to resign from my role.
During my administration, we have been developed the company in 3 segments: management, strategy and human resources, reaching revenues of US $35 Mdlls. Our employee staff grew 40% full time and 60% part time. The overall financial health of the organisation has been strengthened. We leaded the organization to a period of growth and an enhanced capacity to service the different markets.
The company need to follow with this trend. I have determined to prepare the long term strategy and assure the succession plan.
After the evaluation of internal and external candidates, I decided that the best person for the business is one member of my team. I established the criteria, considering the skills, character and leadership of each individual.
The new CEO needs to assure give the company the best possible chance of success for the next phase growth capitalizing the opportunities presented by the rapid changes in the human resources and training areas. I´m confident that we have the unique capacity to expand our offerings and leverage our products and service platforms to be a business partner for our customers and create value for our shareholders.
Thank you for all your support and commitment to me and the company.

José Ramón González

“KeyCorp Announces CEO Succession Plan,” KeyCorp press release, November 18, 2010, (
“Intuitive Surgical Announces Transition of Gary Guthart to CEO”, Intuitive Surgical press release, October 23, 2009 (
“Robert A. McDonald Elected President and Chief…...

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