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CF GROUP PROJECT | Program & Batch: | PGDM – 2015-17 | Term: | III | Course Name: | Corporate Finance | Name of the faculty: | Dr Varun Dawar | Topic/ Title : | Financial Analysis of Kansai Nerolac | Originalor Revised Write-up: | Original | Group Number: | 4 | Contact No. and email of Group Coordinator: | Arnab Kumar | Group Members: | Sl. | Roll No. | Name | | 1 | 150101028 | Arnab Jana | | 2 | 150101070 | Megha Punetha | | 3 | 150101125 | Tanmay Mairal | | 4 | 150103038 | Arcot Ravi Praveen | | 5 | 150103088 | Manali Guha | | 6 | 150103117 | Prateek Agrawal | | 7 | 150103209 | Rahul Dahra |

Table of contents * About The Company 3 * Capital structure Policy 4 * Dividend Policy 6 * Capital Structure Policy 8 * Cost of equity 9 * Valuation 10 * References 11

Highlights About The Company * Largest industrial paint and 2nd largest decorative paint company * Engaged in the industrial, automotive and powder coating business * Market Share of 40% in paint business. 13% market share in decorative paints industry * Has 4 paint manufacturing plants and about 6–7 contract manufacturers * The Nerolac owned plants are at 1. Jainpur (Uttar Pradesh) 2. Bawal (Haryana) 3. Lote, Chiplun (Maharashtra) 4. Hosur (Tamil Nadu) * Year of…...

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...CF is an ongoing and progressive disease, and studies are showing that hidden damage may be happening as early as birth. Having a proactive CF care plan in place can help you manage the disease. Get involved with a CF Center to be sure that you have access to experts. Locate the CF Center in your area and make an appointment to find out more. You will be able to get aCF Care Team, which may improve the quality of your CF care. It's possible that your CF management plan will have multiple aspects. Here are some examples of things that might be a part of your plan: * Oral antibiotics, which may be swallowed * Intravenous (IV) antibiotics, which may require a hospital stay * Inhaled antibiotics, which may be an aerosol or mist * Airway Clearance Techniques (ACTs), which may include postural drainage and percussion, as well as special equipment, such as a vest * Inhaled medications, which may require a nebulizer. Nebulizers vary, so you should talk to your CF Care Team about which is FDA approved for use with your medicine. Indication and Usage Daily administration of Pulmozyme® (dornase alfa) Inhalation Solution along with standard therapies is indicated in the management of cystic fibrosis patients to improve lung function. In patients with a forced vital capacity (volume of air exhaled with maximum effort and speed) greater than or equal to 40% of predicted, daily administration of Pulmozyme has also been shown to reduce the risk of respiratory tract......

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...organizational effectiveness through transformational leadership. Thousand Oaks: Sage. Blake, R. R. & McCanse, A. A., 1991. Leadership Dilemms - Grid Solutions. Houston: Gulf Publishing. Brown , M. E., Trevino, l. K. & Harrison, D. A., 2005. Ethical leadership: a SOCIAL LEARNING PERSPECTIVEFOR CONSTRUCT DEVELOPMENT ANDTESTING. ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR AND HUMAN DECISION PROCESSES, Volume 97, pp. 117-13. Burrows, P. & Elstrom, P., 1999. The Boss. Business Week, Issue August. Conger, J. A. & Kanungo, K. N., 1987. Toward a Behavioralk Theory of a CharismaticLeadership in Organizational Settings. The Academy of Management Review, 12(4), pp. 637-647. Fiedler, F. E., 1958. Leader attitudes and group effectiveness; final report of ONR Project. Urbana: University of Illinois Press. Hardy, Q., 1999. All Carly All the Time. Forbes Magazine, Issue October. House, R. J. & Baetz, M. L., 1979. Leadership: some empiricalgeneralizationsand new research directions. Research in organizational Behavior, Volume 1, pp. 399-401. Johnson, C., 2008. The rise and fall of carly Fiorina. Journal of Leadership and OrganizationalStudies, 15(2), pp. 188-196. Khurana, R., 2002. The Curse of the Superstar CEO. Harvard Business Review, Issue Sept. Morris, J. A., Brotheridge, C. M. & Urbanski, C. J., 2005. Bringing Humility to Leadership:. Human Relations, Volume 58, pp. 1323-1350. Petersen, C. & Seligman, M. E., 2004. Character strengths and Virtues: A handbook and Classification. Oxford:......

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... ftoc.indd 16 10/10/08 5:17:22 PM SEVENTH EDITION PROJECT MANAGEMENT A Managerial Approach ffirs.indd 1 10/10/08 5:16:30 PM SEVENTH EDITION PROJECT MANAGEMENT A Managerial Approach Jack R. Meredith Broyhill Distinguished Scholar and Chair in Operations Wake Forest University Samuel J. Mantel, Jr. Joseph S. Stern Professor Emeritus of Operations Management University of Cincinnati John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ffirs.indd 3 10/10/08 5:16:35 PM ftoc.indd 16 10/10/08 5:17:22 PM Dedication To Avery and Mitchell, from “papajack.” J. R. M. To Maggie and Patty for their help, support, and affection. S. J. M. VICE PRESIDENT & EXECUTIVE PUBLISHER  Don Fowley EXECUTIVE EDITOR  Beth Golub ASSOCIATE EDITOR  Jen Devine MARKETING MANAGER  Carly DeCandia Design Director  Harry Nolan SENIOR DESIGNER  Kevin Murphy SENIOR PRODUCTION EDITOR  Patricia McFadden SENIOR Media editor  Lauren Sapira PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT SERVICES  Ingrao Associates This book was set in by GGS Book Services PMG and printed and bound by RRD/Willard. The cover was printed by RRD/Willard. This book is printed on acid free paper.  Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, except as permitted under Sections 107 or 108 of the...

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...2011 CF forecast for LL requested by bank (Finance) Our 2011 cash flow forecast assumes that the union will accept LL’s revised offer in June and the strike was only for April, 2010 which will not affect fiscal 2011 since the offer would be retroactive to April 30, 2010. Our forecast also assumes that MRL’s cash flows are excluded. Our calculations are in APPENDIX. It shows that cash flow for 2011 is forecasted to be $8,646,000. Furthermore, cash flow is expected to decrease steadily in 2012 and beyond. It is doubtful that LL can remain as a going concern. Our calculations are based on Mark’s assumptions about sales and operating costs reverting back to 2009 levels, as well as our own estimates of non-cash working capital declines and tax rates. Therefore, we cannot assure that our cash flow forecast will be 100% accurate. We should enquire Mark about why he thinks that 2011 sales and operating costs will revert back to 2009 levels, and verify its reliability. If the circumstances change, so will our analysis and conclusion about the Cash flow. Competitor’s offer for LL’s inventory and subsequent liquidation of LL (Finance/Tax) A competitor has offer $28 million for the inventory of LL. We will have to find the current value of LL and compare it with the offer to see if it worth accepting the offer and liquidating. Under the Earnings-Based Approach, we could apply the cash-flow and discounted model by using 20% rate which is the estimated shareholder’s...

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